Monday, November 28, 2016

On the Rustic Road Again

I've been taking my mother on Rustic Road trips before the world as we know it ends or my car goes into a coma. There's a lot to see if you like cows.
Speaking of coma, although I've been trying to eat less candy, this old timey candy store exists a short and pleasant drive away.

B&B's in Montello, bumping dieters off the wagon for 47 years

And speaking of segues, did you know the owner of Segway drove off a cliff on a Segway in 2010? 

"I'm concerned about you."

What was I saying? Rustic Roads. Here are some furry red cows we found on Rustic Road 96 outside Cottage Grove yesterday. No, I don't know what kind they are, you're on the internet Google "what kind of cow is this" and let me know what you find.

Peeking out at RR 96

Tell me what these woolly bullies (or flossy Bossies) are and get a B&B's Country Store postcard fondest regards. Oh yeah, that candy is long gone.

The 2.3 mile Rustic Road 19 is more like a long driveway

Is it wrong to crave a burger? Possibly. Is it wrong to think the Pack will pull out of their nosedive tonight? Yes. But don't say that to Preston, one of the sweetest Pittie mixes to wear a Clay Matthews jersey. Like the guy from Merrill who is wearing shorts until the Packers win, Preston represents that Cheesehead loyalty which says, "Slow news day."

Has Trump's popular vote for ya right here

Friday, November 18, 2016

It's Only Going to Get Worse From Here or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Don

I finally peeked my head out to watch Trump's cabinet shaping up like The Simpson's Jury of the Damned.

Speaking of deals with the devil my Cub-loving relatives were still celebrating their victory last Friday at my Aunt Ginny's 95th birthday party.

Will never take off jersey

The two cousins in the middle are rabid baseball fans and the one wearing the Cubbie's jersey hasn't taken it off since the post...I'm guessing.

Aunt Ginny, 95 and still eating Black Jack Taffy, the Dempsey-Olson's Favorite candy

The real black cat was roaming around a crowd of loud Irish democrats wondering if this was his life now. Then he heard Jeff Sessions was part of Trump's Cabinet-in-Waiting and broke into someone's stash of medical marijuana. Maybe this is the real cat.

Worried this is now his health care

The little furball (not the one on the couch) is no stranger to Dempsey parties but has chosen to stay hoisted in mid-air for the next four years.

As the late, great Rik Mayall said, "Balls."

Although Black Jack Taffy brings back memories of my grandma and grandpa hiding them throughout the house I'm wondering if this basket of jumbo jawbreakers will stifle political conversation this thanksgiving.

Salmo Pond looking all I can't believe it's November and I live in Wisconsin

I think this incredible weather has been a last meal of sorts.

Have been taking my mother on Nature-centric road trips to soak up this end of days weather. Rustic Road 110

It certainly doesn't feel as if hell has frozen over, but I'll get back to you on that after this weekend. 

Plenty of vertical space, cats ok.

Can't swing Canada but am looking at other options.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Lazing On A Sunday Afrernoon

I'll go if you carry me

And all the leaves on the trees are falling

No, you're a foul shoe

We'll just watch from the shore

Does water look like leaves now?

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