Monday, January 28, 2019

The Weekly Say (Frozen) Cheese! Link Up

Since almost every sentence contains the word, "cold" lately should it not be pronounced correctly? Yes, I have cabin fever, but stillll.
It's NOT, "code," it's "cold." There's an el in there people. I don't mind "ardic" or "win chills" or even "aso" as in the wind gusts are "aso" dangerous enough to just stay inside. Don't mind if I do. (Except for the part where I'm losing my mind. It's only a matter of time before I appear in an Overlook Hotel ballroom photo.)
Is there a word that people mispronounce that drives you nuts? Share it and your cheesy photos and recipes here.

From way back two Sundays ago when you could lose a shoe without losing your toes.

She kept falling and by gum, kept getting back up. Notice the lone boot to the far right

Uh oh, don't let all those Packer fans see you take a knee. Packer fans? Where are all the Packer fans?

Annnddd there she goes again. This guy is going to slap shot the boot

My sister brought this cannoli cake from Canfora Bakery in Milwaukee. Not to be confused with the Cassata which makes its appearance at Easter and seems to have a fun history that can be found here. Being a devout lapsed Catholic I like the idea of 16th century nuns baking these cakes in lieu of prayer during Holy Week. And to some of us, a good Cassata or Cannoli Cake is a very spiritual experience.

One of the most scrumptious Cannoli Cakes to grace our Christmas table

I found two Cannoli Cake recipes I like, one from Women's Day and one from My Cake School
Women's Day uses chopped shelled pistachios (classy) and orange and lemon zest (zingy).
Cake School uses buttermilk in the cake (WD uses Half and Half), a mascarpone filling, a cinnamon whipped cream frosting, and Pirouettes to decorate the outside.
And now... I'm going to hop in the car to and go to the Greenbush Bakery I mean and now... it's time for:

The Say Cheese! Link Up

You know the deal, I don't really care, but at least a post and a photo, not pointing frostbitten fingers at anyone (I am). Have at it my cheesy little goombas.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Making Tracks

There were a lot of people out today. It was sunny and 5˚F so everyone was taking advantage of the reasonable weather before things got ludicrous.
People were in the grocery stores sweeping things off shelves like it was a zombie uprising but they were also swooshing through the snow and fishing on frozen lakes.
Even the neighborhood deer were out for a stroll.

Taking advantage of the above zero weather. Good for them

Pilates is really paying off, mom

For Sandee, "Awww."

Friday, January 25, 2019

Enough To Make A White Walker Wear Base Layer Bottoms

The last thing I heard on the news before crawling out of hibernation today was something about an unprecedented string of below zero temperatures and how long it takes for you to get frostbite (we're at 5 to 10 minutes right now but those numbers will go down). So I actually put on long pants and my winter tennis shoes (navy blue) before going out.
My definition of going out: driving from underground parking to the pharmacy drive-thru, someone else's garage, taking photos from a heated car and going back home.

I saw a lot of deer today, they looked like kids hanging out at a mall. "Dude, I would kill for an Auntie Anne's pretzel, extra salt."

The sky had a dramatic look, I think it's up to something

P.S. The weather guy is talking about -30˚ below and -50˚ below zero temps and saying that none of us have experienced this in our lifetime. I plan to keep it that way.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Post Pre Winter Weather Say Cheese! Link Up

When I went out to see the sights and breathe some frigid air Sunday the mood was warm and festive. Mostly because the sun was on full beam and I hardly got out of the car.

Where's that Ready Player One dude?

Spielberg look-alike coming in hot

I got your Easter Egg right here, grandpa (everyone in my world is movie literate)

A high potential for cheese

Your post or pictures can be cheesy or breezy, farmy or smarmy, link them up here and win a *salami. Let's see those cheesy, breezy, farmy, smarmy photos or lactose tolerant recipes.
It might be some unfathomable number below zero, but there's no stopping the:


*The Ched Curtan reserves the right to replace salami with a post card or a really stupid tchotchke.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Weather Report

Traffic is moving slowly, shall we say it's snow moving?
No, we shall not.
Snow more waiting, January is here.
Please make it stop.
And snow it goes, expect 5-7 inches.
There's just snow visibility.
I hate you.

I took a detour from an Armageddon grocery store run when it started snowing

I met Becca and Kylie (hiding)

An accident on the way home. How do people forget to drive in snow every year? 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Put Up Yer Mitts

I saw these bike mittens a few winters back while scrambling over a frozen snow bank to get some po' boys from the New Orleans Take-Out by Camp Randall (which Trip Advisor gives 4.5 owl eyes). It hasn't been that cold (yet) this winter and we've barely had snow.
However, the weather is being forecast with idioms like It's Time To Pay The Piper and it's making me nervous. I'm actually wearing shorts right now because I live in denial and lately, indoors.

I get cold and hungry every time I look at this photo. Notice the dedicated Onion newspaper box. We may live in the ice and snow but we can still laugh about it. Although it's hard when your lips are stuck to your teeth.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Cheesy Tchotchke Tuesday Link Up

I don't condone stopping in late afternoon traffic to take photos but I had to snap this display I saw in Monona. It reminded me of my Grandma Clem's house and I adored her and all her cheesy tchotchkes.

I think she (I'm assuming) started out with the 4th and worked her way through the holidays

Then at some point, it got out of hand

And she (I'm assuming) went with it

And with that, it's time for the weekly Say Cheese! Link Up

Do you have a photo with attitude, cattitude, pupittude or pluck?
You heard me, pluck.
How about a recipe made with cheese, how hard can that be.
Link up with whatever you've got because it's time to
Spread the cheese, please and visit a few of your blogger buds below.

Friday, January 11, 2019

A Peachy Dory Ice Melt

This guy was having a peachy dory time last week despite the ice melting around him. You gotta love Wisconsin fishermen.
WARNING: I'll be using the term "peachy dory" as often as I can until it no longer amuses me.

Bet he's drinking a Pabst

Monday, January 7, 2019

And There's More Cheesy Link Up

When I rumbled down the highway for a quick pic of the annual holiday tribute to Christmas Vacation over there down by Lodi (my aunts pronounce it, "low dee") I failed to notice another movie tribute on the front steps.

It's Ralphie wearing Aunt Clara's Bunny Pajamas and the leg lamp on the porch next to him

I  remember (barely) wearing green footie pajamas pub hopping. I literally hopped from bar to bar like a frog. Yup

Well looky here, Ralphie was visible behind Cousin Eddie the whole time

An answer to the burning question posed in the last post

Of course it's a Hamm's (it had to be that or a Pabst)

and now...

It's the SAY CHEESE! Tuesday Link Up

Do you have a photo with attitude or a recipe with cheese? Then please link them here.
I'm looking for cheesy photos of humans and critters, especially shots of the waggish, the unwieldy and the unwilling.
And as always, I'd love to see any recipe made with cheese (gotta tie it in somehow).

This link up is open until midnight on Friday.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Cousin Eddie

I've been wanting to see this tribute to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation over the holidays but couldn't get around to it.
But the gorgeous weather made me giddy with spring fever and this ray of black and white sunshine pointed the way.
In case you haven't seen the movie, Cousin Eddie is emptying the RV's toilet into the sewer.

People have called the police on this annual Christmas display. He had trouble putting his hands where they could see them

 Does anyone know what kind of beer he's drinking?

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