Thursday, October 31, 2019

Trick or Trick

Well it snowed again today but on the other frozen hand the Nats took it all and what a great World Series so maybe it was more of a Treat or Trick.

I think we both know it's a, "trick."
I didn't get any Trick or Treat photos this year but saw a few kids dressed up while it was still light out.

My nephew Christopher, who, don't tell anyone,  got an engagement ring for his girlfriend. Yes, that's how confident I am my family doesn't read this blog
But if you think snow and ice is going to stop a Wisconsin kid from getting free candy, think again.
Especially this kid.

Some time later...
I saw a wee tot dressed up in a pumpkin suit while leaving my mom's today. He was delighted to hear I set out a few bowls of candy on the honor system outside her door.

That poor blow up cat on the right needs a pumpkin full of nip
I remember the excitement of disappearing bowl after bowl of honor system candy as a kid.

This nonsensical weather could actually work in the kiddies' favor tonight. You know, the extra handful of sympathy candy.

The kind you get if you empty your Trick or Treat bag a few times and offer a sad tale as to why your bag (or pillowcase) is empty.

Hey, Autumn, come back, I can change
We were crafty and happy children.

According to my cousin the Cubs fan, Opening Day is 147 days away. For those of us who find that disheartening, there's a February 11 spring training day (Orioles) already on the books.


Monday, October 28, 2019

Say Cheese! Little Rat

I've been spending some quality time with Oliver, aka Little Rat my cousins' Teddy Bear dog. He sure is a hit with old folks and people in memory care.

Oliver perched on his special spot while we watched an old movie 

He knows there's a bounty of crumbs between the cushions

My sister, not much of an animal lover, has a new admirer

The Godmother, who is in memory care, remembers this little guy every time

Little Rat was fascinated by a game of pass the big ball

Oliver's mom would kill me if she saw this photo. Don't tell her

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Say Cheese! Ole and Lena

I love it when I come across anything Norge, it helps me get in touch with my alleged roots.
Apologies for not being as social on my media as I'd like. I enrolled in an old lady boot camp and boy are my arms tired.
Speaking of barely a joke...

Ole and Lena's Information, Communication and Education Station at Eplegaarden 

Here are some Ole & Lena jokes culled from da Internet (do we still capitalize that).

From The Gold Scales
Ole and Lena ran a successful dairy farm. The sign over their barn read, "All dat we are we owe to udders." (Boom, also doubles as a cow joke.)

Ole and Lena are watching a funeral procession and Lena asks, "Ole who da ya tink died?"
Ole says, "I tink it was da guy in da coffin."

From Uff da!
Ole and Lena go ice fishing and Ole shows off his new thermos.
Lena says, "Watcha got der, Ole?"
Ole says, "Well, dis here's a t'ermos, it keeps hot tings hot and cold tings cold."
A few hours later Lena askes, "Ole, watcha got in da t'ermos?"
Ole says, "Vell Lena, I got a popsicle and two cups a coffee."

And now it's time ta link up yer photos an' da cheesier, da better doncha know.
Ya, it's time ta SAY CHEESE! 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Say Cheese! Apple Stand Food

We haven't had an abundance of sunshine lately but we have had an abundance of apples.
Say Cheese! was going to be either early or late this week so I chose early.

Ruby Jons, a science apple, is currently my favorite of the week

Has anyone tried tossing a corn cob in the microwave?

Mmm, gourds

Thursday, October 3, 2019


I'm glad I live on the second floor.

But I wish I had a taller car with bigger wheels.

Maybe not this one but doesn't it look like if Bonnie and Clyde were dairy farmers. #worlddairyexpo

Sit back and enjoy the gourds and watch out for puddles that could swallow your car.

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