Saturday, July 21, 2018

Frizzy Buoy Would Make A Good Name For A Band

I'm not sure how I keep accumulating so much junk but I do know deadheading it is so tedious that I keep ending up at the lake.

So much better than doing something productive and necessary

My excuse for these lake runs (sounds like a stomach disorder) has been that I dug a raft out of storage and it needs to be tested on water (besides what's leaking from the pipes and ponding in the basement). I couldn't even find the foot pump (like that's going to happen) on the day I took these photos but since I literally can not sink I went out on the lake camera in hand (and sometimes in cleavage) to see what I could find.

Cosmo, quite happy to be a dog

Today I found two electric pumps, two nozzle attachments and alien oars so I meandered off to the lake again with a vague sense of purpose. And it rained the second I got there so I guess I have to go back.

I chased this bloody fish around the lake like a frizzy buoy, can you even see it bottom left

Friday, July 20, 2018

Tough Enough For Devil's Lake

Aren't you glad I didn't spell it Tuff Enuf? I managed not to drown my tough little Lumix this week so, rah. I already annihilated a more expensive Olympus and after vowing not to follow the directions, it lives!

Met some people in and out of the water, lots of kayaks and got some kayaking tips for bad knees

Someone told me a snake crawled up their friend's leg while sitting in a lawn chair in the water which is why I always carry a camera

Friday, July 13, 2018

Can You Believe The All Star Break is Next Week?

This is a typical shot of my cousin Susie with her back to the camera dancing with a friend who has impeccable taste in baseball teams.
Go Susie, go Blue. Number One on the dance floor and Number One in the NL West.
And heartfelt sympathies for our friends across the pond (on both counts but we love the Trump Baby, can we trade).

Susie comes from a family of rabid Brewers fans (also somehow Number One) so no face shot for you

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Blowing Into Wednesday

I'm not saying that everything has been giving me a headache lately but it does seem as if my neighbor's psycho little beast has been barking nonstop while trying to claw its way through the door for the past three years.
So here's some wind that blows more sweetly, welcome to the middle of the week.

Definitely the former

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mezzo Sopranos and Banana Cream Pie

I came across performances from Die Fledermaus on the grass outside the University Bookstore today. I only had my pocket camera but by hook or crook just have a look have a look!

Digging the shadow character in the window, but where is he walking, he's got no feet

(Apologies for the previous iMovie the size of a postage stamp)

This city can be downright delightful sometimes but I've got to say, "What the actual #$@!, University Bookstore?" your "book" "section" has been relegated to the very back of the "store" and shares dimensions with the matches and toilet paper aisle at the gas station.

Notice there are already specs of pie on the book cover

I found something poolside worthy hiding behind a row of Cheesehead wedges and rubble of Badger memorabilia, so I may eat my way through this series if the first one is good, mmm, summer reading. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018


I might not be the beer drinker I once was, but I still appreciate a good pour and a lively toast so here's hoping the neighborhood fireworks don't keep you up too late, you keep your fingers, hands, and face and the heat doesn't make you too irate.

Here's to a good pour, a back door and a cool floor.

May we get what we want, may we get what we need, but never may we get what we deserve.

May you be in heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead (for my dad and The Irish Aunts, which would make a great name for a band).

One pitcher for the four of us giving thanks there are no more of us.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Cacophony (In Black and White)

One person's delight is another person's, "Shuddup!"
I find this especially true with the upcoming holiday aka your neighbors will be shooting off fireworks at 2 am starting this weekend until sometime after Labor Day.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Surprise Sunset

I don't remember seeing any kind of sunlight last week so imagine my surprise when I looked up from my drink (Sprecher Cream Soda) and saw this.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Pizza Boxes and Mom

I couldn't leave little cuz with that hilarious monochrome scowl on his face so here are a few a follow-up photos taken shortly after.
We were all happy the Wisconsin Brewing Co. allows carry-ins and deliveries and someone ordered a buttload of pizza (I think it's three 14 inch pies to a buttload).
Personally, I'm in it for the music, babies and cream soda. (Seriously delectable soda, I even wrote them about it.)

Held by mommy and surrounded by pizza 

Loves that they're playing at something called, "MAMA"