Monday, January 22, 2018


Awwwwww, he was such a cute pup, handsome dog, and a fun and inexhaustible pal. 
I love you boy.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

White Balance

While the powers that be were shutting down our government I was powering up my old camera and dealing with another kind of white balance. My Canon T3i was taking weird blue photos and I'd given up until I found a discussion on White Balance (which was the first thing I checked but turned out to be the problem).
I was half hoping it was broken (again, see Government Shutdown) so I could justify a new camera which FedEx tried to deliver this morning. The sound of the apartment buzzer woke me from a crazy dream about phone etiquette and I barely noticed the cat groggy and glaring at me before I fell back to sleep. So new camera today.

My first test subject was Dexter,  Demon Ginger God of Mischief and hater of buzzers.

My sole purpose in life is to help you test your little toys

It's been so cold I've taken the poster art off the walls to cover cold spots, so 50˚ weather got me out and shooting more pics today.

Creative Auto, one of my fav features for black and whites, seems fine.

A little dull but no weird blue. Back to playing with Exposure Compensation.

Eh, too bright and yet too dull but no blue. 

You can see part of the cool cinematic clouds I was driving through in the upper corner looking like part of a tree.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Cuppa

There's nothing like a cup of tea, and this blooming tea flower from my nephew who apparently is too good to text or call me anymore is a thing to take in with all senses. There's a whole website called, "Teabloom" and why not.
Although better with baked goods, I'll take a simple cup of tea with a spot of milk any time and for this wonderful tea flower I'm even more thankful.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thanksgiving Gumballs

These gumballs are as close to the TV dinner Violet Beauregarde chewed in Willy Wonka and I'm sorry I didn't buy a tin of it or the Bubble Gum Franks and beans.
Maybe I should be thankful I didn't get it.

Novelty Gum
Now Comes In Boneless

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cupcake Stealing Retreivers

Labrador retrievers walk around in a constant state of munchie hysteria so little boys eating cupcakes within arm's length of one is tempting fate. It was also tempting Hobbs who is pretty spry for his age which I'm guessing is about a thousand years old. No, really, he's old.
This is one of my favorite moments I didn't quite capture but am thankful to have witnessed. I'm thankful for being there that time when Hobbs strolled by and snatched a kid's cupcake in a single beat.


Scene of the Crime