Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Protesters And Police Sharing Moments Of Humanity

From a City of Madison Police Department Post on Facebook tonight.

Madison Police Department
1 hr
It was unexpected, but yet an oh-so welcome peace offering, considering these turbulent and divisive times, and it came from an organizer of last night's protest.
A MPD Special Events Team (SET) was away from the gathering on State Capitol grounds, giving people space to exercise their First Amendment rights. The team was ready to deploy to State Street, should looting and other violence erupt again. The following is an account from one of its members:
"We formed a line in front of Grace Episcopal Church, when we were approached by three protesters. As I recall, two were black men, and one was a black woman. The woman informed SET that the peaceful protest was over, and she was leaving. She went on to tell us that she would go down to the top of State Street, encourage the group to leave, and inform them that the protest was over. The woman made clear that whoever remained would know that their decision could carry a consequence. The woman then headed down to the top of State Street, and I could hear her voice in what I understood to be an attempt to speak with the group. The woman returned back to our position, and she wished SET a safe night. Her group also handed out flowers to SET officers, and I do not know an officer who turned the offer down. Many officers carried the flowers on them during the subsequent clear of State Street (after looting broke out).
Obviously, this week has been extremely challenging for so many. I thought it was incredibly brave for these three individuals to approach the police, and offer a gesture of kindness. This demonstrated to me what almost all of us recognize - many of those in the crowd wish to lawfully express their constitutional liberties, and only a small group of people are causing the chaos we have seen. SET is absolutely committed to protecting lawful protest, and this commitment is why I joined the team.
Unfortunately, SET's responsibilities to public safety limit our ability to engage in a conversation about what is happening while in hard gear, but many SET officers noted how remarkable and kind this moment was."
This story will likely not make headline news, but for those looking for glimmers of hope, they are out there, on our streets: in this case protesters and police sharing moments of humanity.
This is completely lifted from Facebook. All copy and images are property of the City Of Madison Police Department.


  1. I pray for these glimmers of hope. I too live about 45 minutes west of Chicago, but that's close enough for me. I watch the news every day and facebook is flooded with pictures and stories that give me goosebumps and I just want to hide from the world and never leave my home until I heard the looters were coming out towards where I live. HOLY COW! What to do? What to do? Well, they went in the town south from me in Aurora & they really did so much damage there. People are getting hurt in so many ways. What are people trying to do? They're man because another man lost it. Hey it happens, but don't blame everyone for it. They're even hurting the small business man too. Oh my don't get me started. Am I scared? HELL YES! I even heard rumors that Sorros was paying people to riot. Dam, how'd he get into the picture! Is he going bonkers now too???

    1. So west of Chicago is heading toward the Ched Curtain? I saw you mentioned the Fox River. Protestors were right on my sister's doorstep in Milwaukee and she's way to old for that sort of stress and anxiety.
      What to do is to help out any way you can I guess. For me, I try to be less of a b*tch whenever I remember, try to think of what others are going through and that sort of thing. If I weren't so exhausted from taking care of my mother and uncertain about catching the virus in a group where not everyone has a mask, I'd be out there cleaning up every morning.
      Watching some of the local businesses that I've known for so long and the owners in tears as they get hit night after night is draining, I can't imagine what it is for them.
      I doubt George Soros has anything to do with the destruction, that sounds like a crazy conspiracty theory to me.
      What I see are people trying to speak freely about the injustice they see and know first hand, those people pleading with others who are more about anger and destruction rather than improving and fixing and educating and the thoughtless minority who don't care about anyone's lives really, using the chaos as an opportunity for destruction and lawlessness. I've seen this "let's party" attitude among the Open Up Now people too. It's selfish and hateful and so counterproductive to what most protesting are trying to accomplish and bring to light.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! The news is so sad and distressing at times. Things need to change though. Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More! Keep safe.

    1. I woke up with a much higher glucose reading this morning than when I went to bed last night after listening to the news, which which makes no sense (unless stress makes that big of a difference to your blood sugar).

  3. We need to remember the stories of goodness. Thank you for sharing this story.

  4. I hope we can find more signs of kindness and hopefulness in the days to come. It's pretty bleak right now.

    Thanks for dropping by my Wordless Wednesday post.

  5. Sad that we have to live through such distressing times as if the pandemic weren't enough! Praying that things get under control soon and peace returns so people can get on with their lives and face the daily challenges. Tough times for all of us, Jeanna!
    Plenty of hugs and positive vibes!

  6. These sparks joy to me. I have been following the protests and riot news on Twitter and seeing this fine handsome policeman with a kind gesture as that flower makes me happy. I'm just really sorry for some of those police that are being bashed even if they are not the bad ones, its just heartbreaking that some protesters look at them all the same when clearly some of them have kind hearts for sure. I understand where they come from and their anger but I hope they realize that not 100% of these men and women in uniform have dark hearts. It's very scary and even my brother can't just go outside in California because there's a lot of protests in his downtown as well. praying for your safety dear Jeanna and of America and the world.

  7. There's a lot of wonderful interactions with the protesters and the cops. We just don't see enough of them. Made me smile.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  8. We'll go with hope every single day and we really like stories like this, we need more of them everywhere.

  9. Hope of equality and justice for EVERYONE keeps us going.

  10. the news so sad....
    Justice should be to every people

  11. It is wonderful to see this proof that goodness and kindness exist and maybe it will save us. Peaceful BLM protestors here in Eugene were infiltrated both by vandals and looters (white) and also by a lot who just seemed to want to use them as an excuse to party. I fear the upsurge in Covid starting in a couple of weeks.

  12. Thanks for sharing the stories of goodness, Jeanna. As the media only thrives on the negatives, unfortunately.
    I guess it is for us bloggers to show some glimmer of hope in these trying times.

    Be well.


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