Friday, March 29, 2019

It's Not A Dead End If You Drive Into The Lake

These are from Wednesday's mid-week romp to Devil's Lake with my mother. We were delighted to see the herons nesting and making a racket in the CCC parking lot. Keep in mind I only had my pocket camera.

I didn't know this was a popular Blue Heron Rookery when I stumbled across it

Wants to know how many more times I'm going to get out of the car to take a photo and please close the windows

We were surprised to see all this snow in the outer South Shore Parking Lot

Although scant on snakes, this is still one of my favorite places for photos and walkies

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The I Told You I Had A Lot More Photos Say Cheese! Link Up

And you thought St. Patrick's Day was over a week ago.

Even if you got through all those photos know that I almost posted more, so, restraint. And Go Steelers. Yeah, you heard me.
But forget football because March is mad and baseball's on deck and whether or not your bracket is busted and you forgot your live draft ending up with three catchers and five middle relievers, it's time to

Friday, March 22, 2019

Monday, March 18, 2019

The So Many Photos Say Cheese! Post St. Paddy's Day Pre Spring Link Up

Yesterday was the St. Paddy's Day Parade and tomorrow is the last full day of winter. Let us all put cheese to cracker and sing (but not with our mouths full).

Guess who did and who did not get parade candy

Life is a Cabaret ol' chum

At last, everyone is looking the same way—no, looking to the left, looking to the right, on your phone. Nanci

I have way too many St. Paddy's Day photos to post and haven't even gone through half of them. One way or another I'm starting this spring with plenty o' green (no, not that kind of green or that kind either). I'll be sneaking in photos from yesterday for the next few weeks.

Is it me or is that pillar crooked and that leprechaun pure evil?

But for now, Let's Say Cheese! Sorry kids, no candy for you.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019

Say Irish Beer Cheddar Cheese! Link Up

St. Paddy's is soon upon us and the Dempsey clan is getting ready for our yearly parade around the square. By getting ready I mean digging out one of the many scarves and t-shirts we've worn "as a group" over the years to see what fits. I'm lucky if one of the scarves fits me this year.

One of my many (many) cousins in orange brows, tat sleeve, suspenders and tux

This group is impossible to organize or get to agree on anything (a bit like Mother Ireland herself). We will never be looking in the same direction for a family photo and any attempt to get us to march in order with a "theme" is as hilariously futile as chasing a leprechaun.

*And don't forget, I'm also just a leprechaun, standing next to a girl, asking her for directions to the pub

It's supposed to be 38˚F and partly sunny this year which means I may not be looking for that family with the Jameson right away. I hope to have plenty o' photos come next Tuesday but for now, start bringing out the green (whatever that may mean or wherever it may be legal) and Say Cheese! because it's time for the:
Say Irish Beer Cheddar Cheese! Link Up.

*Not the quote from Notting Hill.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Unless It's Dollar Bills I Don't Really Care

"A little bit of everything falls out of the sky this weekend," says the jolly weatherman.

I sip my hot chocolate in anticipation

Monday, March 4, 2019

Say Cheese! Daddio Link Up

It was my dad's birthday yesterday, he would have been 94. I think my youngest nephew Andy and I inherited my dad's sense of humor or were at least encouraged by it.
His laugh filled whatever space he occupied and you could always find him by looking for the largest group of people drinking the most booze and having the most fun. A connection? Perhaps.

My Irish Aunts and uncles, the largest group of people drinking the most booze and having the most fun

The ol' man was a stereotypical Irish Catholic cop from the east side of Madison with a sibling for every day of the week. He belonged to more clubs and organizations than I knew existed (Eagles, Elks, American Legion, VFW, Gun Club, Grieg Club, Army Reserve, Bowling League, Irish Dancing, County Board). When I was a kid I assumed he belonged to everything.

Here holding the cherished wedge of honor

He was loving and lovable, neighborly, accommodating, ethical, hard-working, affable, fun, energetic and forever taking photos.

A late Happy Birthday and an early Fat Tuesday dad, I remember when you won that wedge of cheese in our Fantasy Football League. Always a winner, this week's Say Cheese! remembers my dad, Clarence Francis Olson, a total cheeseball.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Star Light

A piercing light beckoned to us through the blinds as we munched bar food and sipped caffeine. "Take that wing out your mouth and get back on the road," it seemed to say.

The Sunset Harbor Bar & Grill in Lodi. Stay away from the sampler platter

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