Sunday, June 28, 2020

Guest Dog

I've got a handsome guest whom I haven't seen in a tick.

He let me sleep until 5 am

Poor choice of words.

I'm pretty sure he was being generous

Oh sh*t, I've lost the dog.

He was thinking, "First light, why am I not in the park?"

 I swear Luigi is part pittie, part chameleon. 

Luigi was rescued by my cousin, Danie. She's my Godmother's daughter which makes him my second cousin once removed? I don't know, but he's a big ol' sweetie and I love the color of his coat and white "socks."

Sitting on the porch doing a neighborhood watch (as long as the watch doesn't extend past the parking lot).

I keep thinking of this meme when we sit out there. I saw it over on Mitch's blog.

This Morning

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Just Some Phone Pics

I did something to my knee last week and haven't been able to get around very well.

There's not much traffic on this road when I cross it on the bike trail, but it might be a popular place to race

Is pizza still considered essential? Was it ever? If not, shouldn't it be?

Ian's Mac 'n' Cheese Pizza. Ian's fed the 2011 protests around The Square

I think I twisted it walking around Oliver's huge arse front garden.

He's more fur than dog now

The Little Rat Boy was smart enough to chill out and catch a piece of sunshine while I ambled about.

Google is calling this Coral Honeysuckle, it's all around Oliver's front yard

It's been a week since I rode my bike and I'm losing my mind.

This gerbera daisy died when I left it inside last May, but is flourishing outside on my balcony now

At least it's given me more time to tend to my porch garden.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Sing A Song

Oliver is my cousin's dog. His dad is my Godfather and his "Aunt" is my Godmother. That's an important thing in Italian families.

My Godmother was moved to hospice during the pandemic and I couldn't see her. I was afraid to see her soon after they relaxed restrictions.

We had an outdoor family visit with her and the Little Rat Boy came. Three people can visit her inside the facility each day and I'm less afraid to go now.

Once again this little guy shined his light on someone who has given me so much.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Fire Down Below

This is what I saw on my way home from the Old Farts Shopping Hour this morning.

The fire was more across the street than below.

 I've been worried about taking alternate routes because of protests.

I didn't think very well on my feet when faced with a road block this morning. 

But a deputy pointed out I could try going back out, down and around from the marina side.

If I couldn't think of that when I didn't have my mother in the car and needed an unblocked route to the closest ER, what am I going to do if that happens?

This was certainly an emergency for someone. Jay Pharoah, the SNL alum, said, and this isn't an exact quote, "If you keep thinking of what could happen, you'll drive yourself crazy."

I don't know much about this fire except that no one was on the stretcher the EMTs brought out, only a few people (including myself) wore masks and I only saw a chunk of one building gone on the walk back to fetch my car.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Oliver's New Digs

Moving is hard for anyone.

Pick me up or I shall break your heart with sad little wimpers

Cats are supposed to be more attached to their homes than dogs, maybe because they don't like change.

Are these bellflowers? I've been calling them, "Those little purple flowers I like."

No, they don't care for change at all—unless it's new litter, fresh bakery (I speak from experience) or new cardboard boxes, bags, toys and scratchers.

Oliver's mom may be turning into a flower. Look at her arm

But this little ball of fur left his home of seven years, moved to an apartment with stairs he was afraid to climb, then here. He conquered the stairs before he moved.

Oliver at his most content, don't let the expression fool you.

He got to see a lot of me while mom and dad were looking for new digs last summer. We went to the new park by the apartment and the old walkies park for familiar sights.

This is not a Mimosa, as Google said, but Allium (alliums?) Thank you, Kathy

And now he practically lives in a park.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Social Distance Butt Sniff

I can't think of anything better than pics of the Little Rat Boy to start off the week.

We both need haircuts. Notice the water bowl mustache.

We're doing a pretty good job of social distancing since his mom and dad have lots of room in the yard.

His new backyard is HUGE

Oliver moved from the only home he ever knew, to an apartment, to this slice of heaven. I'm guessing my cousins would respond with, "That's easy for you to say, you don't have to take care of it." It's a lot.

Getting sun with daddy

They're still unpacking boxes and Oliver is still in explorer mode.

The Social Distance Butt Sniff

Here he is exploring my new bike which lives in the back of my car. Oliver is in Phase One of re-opening, so I won't be taking him out for awhile.

"If you're thinking of putting me in a little basket or something, think again."

The way back of my SUV now contains Babs, my new Trek Verve 3, but I hope the Little Rat Boy will be traveling with me soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Protesters And Police Sharing Moments Of Humanity

From a City of Madison Police Department Post on Facebook tonight.

Madison Police Department
1 hr
It was unexpected, but yet an oh-so welcome peace offering, considering these turbulent and divisive times, and it came from an organizer of last night's protest.
A MPD Special Events Team (SET) was away from the gathering on State Capitol grounds, giving people space to exercise their First Amendment rights. The team was ready to deploy to State Street, should looting and other violence erupt again. The following is an account from one of its members:
"We formed a line in front of Grace Episcopal Church, when we were approached by three protesters. As I recall, two were black men, and one was a black woman. The woman informed SET that the peaceful protest was over, and she was leaving. She went on to tell us that she would go down to the top of State Street, encourage the group to leave, and inform them that the protest was over. The woman made clear that whoever remained would know that their decision could carry a consequence. The woman then headed down to the top of State Street, and I could hear her voice in what I understood to be an attempt to speak with the group. The woman returned back to our position, and she wished SET a safe night. Her group also handed out flowers to SET officers, and I do not know an officer who turned the offer down. Many officers carried the flowers on them during the subsequent clear of State Street (after looting broke out).
Obviously, this week has been extremely challenging for so many. I thought it was incredibly brave for these three individuals to approach the police, and offer a gesture of kindness. This demonstrated to me what almost all of us recognize - many of those in the crowd wish to lawfully express their constitutional liberties, and only a small group of people are causing the chaos we have seen. SET is absolutely committed to protecting lawful protest, and this commitment is why I joined the team.
Unfortunately, SET's responsibilities to public safety limit our ability to engage in a conversation about what is happening while in hard gear, but many SET officers noted how remarkable and kind this moment was."
This story will likely not make headline news, but for those looking for glimmers of hope, they are out there, on our streets: in this case protesters and police sharing moments of humanity.
This is completely lifted from Facebook. All copy and images are property of the City Of Madison Police Department.

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