Monday, March 30, 2020

A Little Foggy Say Cheese!

I've had a case of brain fog while trying to juggle everything.

How long has it been since the St. Paddy's Day parade was cancelled, a month, a year?

Let me look it up, because, you know, brain fog. It was cancelled on March 12 and a stupid little thing it seems now, but if my ultra Irish Aunt Ginny were still alive she'd have taken it as a sign of the apocalypse. 

That wouldn't be such a bad thing if you believe in The Simpson's version of Catholic Heaven, especially if there's Irish dancing. 

I reference this clip a lot. Maybe because I'm both Irish and Italian and was forced to, uh, was lucky enough to attend Catholic school for 12 years, 12 long years.

This is the biker riding down the street in full hazmat gear I was telling you about, LA. He was wearing a respirator mask too, but I couldn't get the shot. It was like chasing down a squirrel (shudder).

Whether you're in a hazmat suit or a fog, why not take a minute to Say Cheese!

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Hello Hello Hello

Dogs, they're having a grand ol' time of it these days with people staying at home and cooking and eating and going for walks to make up for all the cooking and eating.

What's this moving toward me, it seems friendly 

I really need to stop saying, "Hello baby" to every single dog I see.

Maybe I should show her my stick

Like I did to Kimber today, who enthusiastically said, "Hello!" back.

Do you think she'd like to see my stick, I do.

She said, "Hello!" by knocking me off of my bike into the mud.

See see see?

It turns out that lying in mud with 70 lbs of wet dog on you isn't a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. 

Well she said, "Hello."

I've been getting to know my bike again and today I learned how to fall off it. Thanks, girl, hello, hello, hello.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dogs And People

I love dogs and hate people. Well, not all dogs and not all people. But I love this dog and his human. Maybe you heard about the Taco Bell dog who was sent out for Cheetos in Mexico.

A guy quarantined in Mexico wanted a delicious, salty, orange snack and no, not Prince Harry or Justin Turner.
He sent his chihuahua out for Cheetos. And she brought them back.

"Hello Mr. Shopkeeper. Please sell my dog some Cheetos, the orange kind, not the red ones, they're too hot. She has $20 attached to her collar. WARNING: She will bite if not treated right. Your front neighbor."

Some questions:
1. Why is the Taco Bell Dog going out for Cheetos?
2. Wouldn't you be more impressed if a lab came back with anything more than an empty, chewed up bag?
3. Did she get change from the $20? (A lab would have spent the rest on pizza. A Boston would have spent the entire $20 on anything it could chew to pieces, which is everything.)

Has eaten entire pizzas that were cooling on the counter
Farty McBeezer, shredding yet another big dog toy

Note: I forgot to add this picture when I posted earlier. I know some of you were wondering.

I read this on Storypick. The photos are credited to Antonio Muñoz, I couldn't pinpoint him on Twitter.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Say Cheese! Thumper

Well, I shouldn't have tried to stain that spot on the closet door without removing the door first and now there's a splotch on the rug and it looks like I'm sporting a groovy goatee and Audrey Hepburn gloves. And did you know the little drops fly everywhere when you hammer the lid back on?

I'm getting squirrelly on my not really a day off. Eek, did someone say, "Squirrel." Oh, that was me. See what I mean?

There were both tp and paper towels at the Old Farts Shopping Hour Sunday morning so that's something. I freaked out a little when my cashier started coughing and sucking up snot. At least it was her own snot.

I didn't boil the hand she put a coupon in like I wanted, but I did throw out the celery she bagged because it was open ended. 

This is my bike, Thumper. I didn't ride her at all last year. Do you like her new orange pedals?

Was that an over reaction, under reaction, you shouldn't be out shopping in the first place or, "But you look so young, Jeanna, why ever were you at the Old Farts Shopping Hour?"

Old, Young, Cycled, Recycled, it's time to SAY CHEESE! 

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

I Do Love A Parade

I haven't been able to get Chrome to work, but was able to update my OS (losing Word in the process). I had to rediscover the quirky Opera, but that'll do.

Now I wish my computer was named, "Pig." (She's called,  "Meryl.")

The spring digital photo purge of 2020 continues although I haven't had much time to really dig in or visit my fav blogs or leave comments or show any kind of blog etiquette. Is "blegiquette" a word? Should it be?

Things have been extra hectic because my mother fell in the midst of this disaster movie that is our lives now. I've been buying every type of night and motion sensor and string light on a timer I can find and trying to get her to for the LOVE OF GOD stop unplugging them as soon as I put them in. 

The Dempsey side of the family has gotten nostalgic about St. Paddy's Parades past after ours was cancelled and has been extra active on our Facebook Page. 

But this one, my cousin the boozy bunny, was talking about ending the Dempsey Clan's participation anyway.
Why is it the Italian side doesn't have one, a FB page I mean, I'm pretty sure Italians have parades. 

There was one for my grandpa when we visited family there in Scala. At least that's what someone told me. Look at that innocent breadstick eating face ready to believe just about anything. 
Grazie al Signore they're all safe. The advantage of being an Italian hillbilly I suspect.

The Norwegians have a great parade on Styttende Mai. I'm just a spectator because despite the last name I'm not really sure how much Norwegian I've got coursing through my veins which are btw, thin and rolling.
 But I do love a parade, don't you? What will this May bring I wonder.

Monday, March 16, 2020

A Day Late And 4 Gigs Short

Even my computer has been upended by a virus so I'm trying to install that OS update I've been ignoring for much longer than a day. I need four more gigs of hard drive space so I've got to clear out photos. Here are a few that made me laugh.

The town has been drained of college students but here's a stoned Cat In The Hat selling paraphernalia
at The Pipefitter on Halloween. It's no surprise that cats know how to use rolling papers

My pal Roscoe as a pup. I loved that he'd lie on my stanky shoes

Roscoe was my favorite subject for The Wisconsin Candy Dish. He'd pose for blog photos every Saturday then get a full day of  running and playing (and swimming when in season). Here Roscoe is on the job for a post on Nerds Rope

NOTE: Despite the tagline, we here at The Ched Curtain are no longer drinking from the bubbler (or paying attention to grammar and punctuation).
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Thursday, March 12, 2020

At Least There Are Robots

Bad news is coming out so quickly I turned off all media and took my mother down by University Bay to watch robots.

Dang, a midday news story just came on promoting an event that was cancelled minutes before. The event was the Shamrock Shuffle which does not bode well for the Madison St. Patrick's Day Parade.
DOH—now that's cancelled.

Not sure if this leprechaun is laughing or crying, maybe a little bit of both

The university is clearing out the dorms and telling students not to come back after spring break. I work out at a UW fitness center and suspect that will close down too. 

Did I mention the Dempsey Clan was chosen as Irish Family Of The Year once?

So, robots, they amuse my mother and me. We see them by the soon to be empty Lakeshore Dorms zipping around like fast food ninjas. Their nesting area is close to an incredible ice cream store

We spotted a student getting a delivery outside of Bradley Hall on Sunday. Crazy to think how much can change in four days.

Oliver basking in the sun amongst the cling on shamrocks

I was going to talk about the 30 food delivery robots that are so damn adorable, I mean, how do they cross the street without getting hit? And no one jacks them for their hot, delicious pizza? But I'm too distracted.

There is one piece of good news aside from the existence of ninja food robots and that is today, of the multiple out of stock items not delivered to my mother, they had toilet paper and it was on sale. 

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Say Cheese! Parade Photos Taken From Inside The Car

I'm not sure if I'll be riding or walking in the parade this year, but riding makes it a lot easier to take photos as well as being a lot easier on my feet.

The cousin who's been organizing the Dempsey Clan's participation in the St. Paddy's Day Parade is now afraid of the Coronavirus in such a large crowd.

She points out that Grandpa Dempsey died from catching the Spanish Flu after going downtown to celebrate the end of WWI .

It's time to wash your hands for 20 seconds then use your homemade hand sanitizer if you could find a 91 percent or greater rubbing alcohol and Say Cheese!

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Sunny Days Ahead

It's hard to clean up an old photo without a decent editing program. So this is the best I can do with this black and white from the fifties of my mother and sister at Vilas Beach.

It's not beach weather yet, but it's supposed to hit 60˚ this Sunday

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Say Cheese! Irish Stereotypes

I find people dressed up as beer and potatoes funny. I don't think the Irish offend very easily, at least not in our family.

It's been another hectic, never ending week. I need a beer. And a potato. 
Meanwhile, time to Say Cheese! because I won't have time tomorrow. So link up, don't link up, leave a comment, don't leave a comment, I don't care.
I'm so tired.

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