Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunsets and Eagles

It sounds better than Sunsets and Don Henleys.
We experienced three out of four seasons last week. After five weather breaking days, it's back to winter.
With the exception of a lazy afternoon spent eating pastry in front of the fire at Manna's Cafe, I have not been pleased with this latest development. In front of the fire! Noooo, come back spring and summer. Who do I talk to about selling my soul? Who did Trump use?

I wasn't satisfied to just drive off into the sunset and voilà, I saw this over the bridge

Lake Wisconsin was lousy with eagles last week

The sunset behind the railroad bridge over the WI River

These photos don't do this sunset justice. Apologies, Sunset

A new friend (Allie) went for a swim near the South Shore of Devil's Lake while people walked and fished on the lake

I was amazed that the people who live here have this view every day

This guy was ice fishing a few hundred yards to the left of Aliie. Same lake. It was 72˚

For me?

This tree was full of juvenile eagles. I got four in this shot

I also met Nala who was going for a hike on the Tumbled Rocks Trail

It seemed like a final present

A belated Happy Twin Peaks Day

*My cousin and I celebrated TPD with the consuming of coffee and pastry. She just took off the Cub's shirt

Goat Update: Now with symbol for Uranium and NYT press pass

*The Ched Curtain does not condone nor would be caught dead wearing Bear's apparel with the exception of #34.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On Thin Ice, A Goat's Opinion

It's been another exhausting week of Swedish terrorists and meltdowns, but at least there are goats.
I took this photo last fall and it kept making me laugh so I've kept it as my Facebook profile picture.
I recently shared an article with my cousin on Facebook asking if she could get me a meeting with the Lucky Charms Leprechaun because she was Irish. Someone popped up and called me a "pussyhat." So now the goat has a hat (and a Swedish flag).
What will he wear next, a black armband for the next SUV to fall through the ice? We all knew something on wheels would get sucked into a lake this week. We were waiting for this to happen. Is it funnier that it was an Escalade? Is it scarier that it happened more than 185 miles north of here because, in my backyard, people still had shacks, ATVs and themselves out on the ice.

I met these guys today, couldn't you just eat them up with a spoon? Or a knife and fork. I kid (get it?).

Somehow knew I made lamb pie last night and was okay with it

I had to keep backing up cuz this guy kept trying to cuddle. At least I think that's what he was doing—🐐🐐🐐🐐

I swear this old goat did not move the entire afternoon

And on the what is wrong with you, no seriously what is wrong with you front, I took these shots Sunday on Lake Monona. We all know how warm it's been and these are not the first canoeists I saw last weekend. This is, however, the first canoe I saw with ice fishermen STILL ON THE ICE BEHIND THEM.

"Oh look, honey, those men are insane."

Ice fisherman directly behind them and more to the left out of frame. No comment on canoeing in this frigid water

View from behind and to the left of the canoe. Yes, that's an ATV

Am waiting for this to fall through if it hasn't already

Under the bridge by Lucky's on the Lake today, aka February Sunburn

From Sunday: A good cover for a book about a serial killer?

Let's all walk on half an inch of ice 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Brackets and Sunsets

Longer days and later sunsets are fueling my February spring fever. I can only imagine what the cool kids are wearing downtown, the ones who won't put on socks in a blizzard. 
I didn't have to go far to catch some interesting light today. I liked the results when I used auto exposure bracketing (AEB) on my sweet old T3i.
My biggest concerns were the crater-sized potholes on Cinder Lane and wondering what brightness setting to use when viewing and editing photos. It seems especially pertinent when shooting winter sunsets. 
I hope these don't look too dark on your screen.

There were people on the swing sets instead of the pond

You're going to have to take this parasail out of his cold. dead hands. Sounds about right

A famous skinny dipping spot when the sun goes down

I respectfully decline

Too late and lazy to go to  Governor's Island, but I caught some color nearby

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunday Leftovers

Like leftovers from a defrosting fridge, I have a few more photos from Sunday.

Lady R looking shiny on a murky day

I'd like to say it was so cold the cream in the coffee froze midair, but I can't.

I can spot a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon from over 100 yards away

Yup, an ATV and PBR on ice. "Hello, Wisconsin!"

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I Melt With You

It hit 42˚ today and this is what you get when stuck between open water and melting ice.
Click on the pics to get a fuller view.

A real Wisconsin fisherman spits in the face of winter (and heavy currents and freezing water)

Jasper makes a mental note to come back for this later

A real ice fisherman will drag small buildings and campers onto a melting lake

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Iffy Shades of Gray

I was reminded how difficult it is to shoot in snow and ice last weekend at the Frozen Assets festival. Or I should say on top of the Frozen Assets festival: Cold weather and bad knees = creative parking and a warm car.

A parasail taxi service on Lake Mendota would be cool

I've been reading about different types of metering, setting your exposure compensation, making sure the needle goes to minus when in manual and using the histogram.

Blech, shooting far away may be part of the problem. But is that an angel?

Fat Tires and Ice Angels in a Blizzard

At one point I just gave up and started playing with filters. The Diffuse Glow filter in Elements created this Heavenly Blizzard.

"Ta da!" Grey snow and dark figures make Homer something something

How do you deal with shooting in snow and ice? What challenging conditions have you had to face?
The First and Third photos are worth clicking to enlarge.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Driver's Seat Photography

A fine subject for many a photographer and schlepper of children and old people, the UW Arboretum is an all-weather drive and winter allows you to pull over and take the shot.  I've never gotten stuck doing that. Now watch me get stuck. I'll take photos of the car getting towed if I do.
I grew up around the Arboretum and often return.
There weren't any turkeys out this time, but there were some walkers ("Brainnssss").

A good place to hide from a Zombie Apocolypse?

There are more shady trees than shady characters in the Arb (as far as I know)

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

This was our idea of an interactive device

You can catch a glimpse of traffic just behind the trees

Fun Fact: There were over 50,000 Little Free Libraries in 2016

Does the sepia tone make it seem warmer? Not warm enough to grab a book and park your dupa on a rock.

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