Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lost Weekend

I love this time of year and one of the many reasons is getting lost on the Farm/Art DTour. I spit on sizzling apple brats and delicious cheeses while the siren song of giant earth worms and tractor walls beckon. Sauk County will fill their fields with farm art, poetry, performers and pieces like this from October 1-9 and I will be there with a pile of maps and a broken compass.

 "Everything is awesome, holding grain is fun and we are cool."

Do Not text and drive

Informative or a cruel pun

Presented by the Farmer's Mafia

Week's Favorite because it reminds me of a sandworm
You know you're using too much fertilizer when...

I Made This trip through a winding, bumpy country side without getting completely lost in the sense that I had to be rescued and towed home.
And...if  any of you get that $#@*ed CAPTCHA image verification please let me know. The Google overlords seem to make it mandatory for some readers even though it's turned off.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hampers of Ironing

I had a demon tooth pulled at the end of the week.  It had a cap and two root canals and should have been extracted years ago but I was determined to keep it since it's cost more than my next car.
Today is my last day of pain pills and I keep thinking of this scene from Hairspray.

"Now I've got nothing but hampers of ironing to do and my diet pill is wearing off."

I also keep thinking of Rami Malek's Emmy acceptance speech.

"Please tell me you're seeing this too."

I took some shots of a sullen lake and fall campers surrounded by puddles today (with the thought of posting a Camper Van Beethoven video), but my pain pill had worn off and this shot made me laugh. Haha. Ouch.

Confirms my belief that the joke is on me

Without further ado, my last four days in song.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Flash Floods and Apple Orchards

This past week looked a bit different than the one before. There were mudslides, derailed trains, homes sliding into highways, and a state of emergency in 13 nearby counties. Just a whiff of that rolled by here with a crazy mini something that hit on Monday while I was in the pool. I came out feeling all Rick Grimesy. Lovely rush hour without traffic lights reminded me that some people, including city bus drivers, will always be dickheads.
I might get a look at the bulging Wisconsin River and spewing Sauk dam this weekend or then again I might go to another Oktoberfest.

Meanwhile last weekend...

Helicopters and German beer make Homer something something

Macintosh apples or maybe a variety that doesn't start with the letter "M" 

"It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

Not my work but as in, "Harvesting tobacco looks like a lot of work."
"Don't you wish you had one right now?"

Guess the above reference and get a post card from the Ched Curtain.
Hint: It was played before the movie and often better than the film it preceded.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Boy And His Violin, A Poem by Evelyn Olson

A Boy And His Violin
For Phil

Once there was a little boy
His friends called him "Little Phil"
He learned to play the violin
Though it was against his will

Phil's mother and his father
Thought the lessons were a way
To learn the art of music
As he practiced every day

Phil lived across from St. James
They were both his church and school
His teacher was a sister
And she was nobody's fool

His teacher was a sweet heart
She was short but not too lean
She waved her music sceptor
Just as though she were a queen

Her name was Sister Katherine
And she truly was the best
Indeed she was an artist
Rising higher than the rest

Artiste virtuoso
And a music teacher too
She was the very, very best
Of which there are so few

When Phil went for his lesson
He would hide his violin
Underneath his little coat
So no one could see in

Oh how the children teased him
As he walked across the street
They called him "Tweedle Fiddle"
As he paced his little feet

"Oh why, oh why," cried Phillip
"Do my classmates treat me bad
Because I study music
That is very, very sad."

One day the children teased him
And they made poor Phillip cry
Then Sister Katherine asked him
With her very sister sigh

"Oh why, oh why, dear Phillip
Do you shed so many tears
What can be so very bad
Please tell me what you fear."

"Dear sister I must tell you,"
Phil said in a muffled voice.
"My classmates call me 'stupid'
Such a name is not my choice."

"I know," said Sister Katherine
"That your talent is quite rare
God gave you this great talent
Just to lift man's many cares."

Music is a gift from God
It can lift our spirits high
It's not for man to question
No one knows the reason why."

Every year at Christmas time
There was a violin fest
Sister signed dear Phillip up
She knew he'd do his best
"Perhaps," said Sister Katherine
"A movement soft and sweet
And other soft, soft music
Just to make the theme complete."

Children came from everywhere
Each one tried to do their best
To win a very special prize
A Stradivarius

Now Phil was very nervous
As he wiped his brow and cried,
"Please help me guardian angel
Will you please stay at my side?"

Now Phillip played his violin
With a movement soft and sweet
The people all said, "Bravo!"
As they rose upon their feet

The violin fest was over
Every student held their breath
Each hoped they were the winner
Of the Stradivarius

Phil's heart beat so very fast
As the winner's name was near,
"Phil Clementi wins first prize."
His name came loud and clear

Phil said, "Dear God, thank you
From the bottom of my heart
I knew that you would help me
And I knew this from the start."

When Phil went for his violin
And he opened up the case
He found a soft white feather
In the bottom of the base
The End

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wiener Dogs and Beer

The beer was blessed, the sauerkraut was scarfed and the dachshunds were dashed.
May Oktoberfest season in Wisconsin roll out the barrel until the last drop is drunk.

The Blessing of the Beer. Cue organ music

I think the fraulein on the left was a little too blessed

Das Frau Carry. They lost the race but won Best Picture

Am convinced this longhair was on steroids

Trash Talkin' Weenies

The sweetest rescue dogs BM—yup that's his name—and Max. The hairy roid dog beat them too.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wasted Hay Bales And Other Tales From Hwy 12

Continuing to embrace cheapness while appreciating what's right in front of me I stuck a toe out east. Halloween is busting out all over while the weather remains in some kind of dream state between tolerable fits of rain. The green is staying green while summer breathes its last breath—gurgle—wheeze—glorp.

Looks like Halloween

All three look under the influence. Sunglasses spent too much time in the weed field

Hwy M Hell Sky 
Week's Favorite

Near Deerfield


This cobweb does not come with Areosmith tickets

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Down The Road Ya Hey

I don't have to go far to shoot some scenery which is good because I'm broke, cheap and into this whole look right under your nose thing right now.

Down by the marina. Got lucky with the sunset reflected in the boat window

 Reminds me of the A Christmas Story lamp

Teetop shaped heart at Daleo Soccer Fields

Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Boy Lollipop

Jackie is sharing her Caramel Tootsie Pops as if she and Phil were sharing cherry Cokes down at the soda fountain. Although they'd need one Tootsie Pop and a straw for that. I guess it's more of a champagne thing but that didn't really fit so leave me alone I'm tired and full of you know you'll eat it before Halloween candy corn.
Phil and Jackie have been together since they were sneaking ciggy butts down at The Loft. I assume. They come from a time when Elvis was skinny, Iron Man was new and Lawrence of Arabia beat To Kill A Mockingbird for Best Picture.
And Phil is still Jackie's Boy Lollipop.
Can I get an "Awwwww?"

My Godfather Phil2 and his wife Jackie are my candy blog's best taste testers

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Indian Lake

I don't want to let go of summer and summer must feel the same way because we're still calling 80ยบ "cool" weather. Indian Lake was always a great place to take my cousin's dog, Roscoe, one of my favorite candy blog models. I miss the big ol' bonehead and I'm sure he misses all our walkies and Wisconsin in the fall. 

Roscoe would love to live in granny's hostas if Indian Lake was off the table

Across the street at Halfway Prairie. Bonus, this blog talks about a "haunted hill"

Some pre autumn goldish yellow

A great place for walkies year round. It helps to be hardy and/or Norwegian if hiking the winter trails

Equal time: Dex looking all Killah

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Sweet Summer Is Gone

So long summer.

See ya

First time I saw someone swimming in the Sugar River

The park outside Tiedeman's Pond when it's just too hot to walk any further

New Socks

Ok so I walked to a bench

Last summer's planking is was this summer's lying down

Uh, miss, I think you have a little something growing near your hip

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Big Rope Little Dog

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