Thursday, March 19, 2020

I Do Love A Parade

I haven't been able to get Chrome to work, but was able to update my OS (losing Word in the process). I had to rediscover the quirky Opera, but that'll do.

Now I wish my computer was named, "Pig." (She's called,  "Meryl.")

The spring digital photo purge of 2020 continues although I haven't had much time to really dig in or visit my fav blogs or leave comments or show any kind of blog etiquette. Is "blegiquette" a word? Should it be?

Things have been extra hectic because my mother fell in the midst of this disaster movie that is our lives now. I've been buying every type of night and motion sensor and string light on a timer I can find and trying to get her to for the LOVE OF GOD stop unplugging them as soon as I put them in. 

The Dempsey side of the family has gotten nostalgic about St. Paddy's Parades past after ours was cancelled and has been extra active on our Facebook Page. 

But this one, my cousin the boozy bunny, was talking about ending the Dempsey Clan's participation anyway.
Why is it the Italian side doesn't have one, a FB page I mean, I'm pretty sure Italians have parades. 

There was one for my grandpa when we visited family there in Scala. At least that's what someone told me. Look at that innocent breadstick eating face ready to believe just about anything. 
Grazie al Signore they're all safe. The advantage of being an Italian hillbilly I suspect.

The Norwegians have a great parade on Styttende Mai. I'm just a spectator because despite the last name I'm not really sure how much Norwegian I've got coursing through my veins which are btw, thin and rolling.
 But I do love a parade, don't you? What will this May bring I wonder.


  1. I love those bunny ears and that drink. Yes I love a good parade.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. I have to say my liquor cabinet is bare but that space under my stairs where the drunken bunny is sitting is much neater than when this pic was taken.
      It would be a minor miracle if we had a parade on May 17th, but what joyful event it would be.

  2. Those are fun photos. I hope your Mom will be okay and won't fall again.

    1. I do too, Brian, she was in an out of town hospital because there weren't enough beds but got back before things got really crazy. Too bad she doesn't have a stalwart kitty like you around.

  3. Hello, Jeanna
    I love the parades, our St. Patrick's Day parade and celebrations were canceled. I am sure all the pubs were missing the business too. Cute pup and the foal with momma is adorable. I hope you Mother is recovering from her fall. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Stay safe, healthy and happy! Enjoy your day, happy weekend. PS, thanks so much for your visit and comment.

  4. It's nice to get those fun photos out to enjoy! Thanks for sharing! Take care! I hope we get over this soon and enjoy those parades too!

  5. Virtual parades and keeping in touch via FB sound like great sanity keepers right now. I hope your mom is OK. Not a good time to have an accident (or get sick with anything at all, even if we escape the virus).

  6. Two updates ago, Ancestry said I was 99% Filipino and 1% Norwegian. The last update changed that from Norwegian to French. I wonder when it will catch up with the Spanish genes that my great-grandfather passed on. Your horse photo: They look like they can climb right out of the photo. Neighhhhh.


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