Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Oliver's New Digs

Moving is hard for anyone.

Pick me up or I shall break your heart with sad little wimpers

Cats are supposed to be more attached to their homes than dogs, maybe because they don't like change.

Are these bellflowers? I've been calling them, "Those little purple flowers I like."

No, they don't care for change at all—unless it's new litter, fresh bakery (I speak from experience) or new cardboard boxes, bags, toys and scratchers.

Oliver's mom may be turning into a flower. Look at her arm

But this little ball of fur left his home of seven years, moved to an apartment with stairs he was afraid to climb, then here. He conquered the stairs before he moved.

Oliver at his most content, don't let the expression fool you.

He got to see a lot of me while mom and dad were looking for new digs last summer. We went to the new park by the apartment and the old walkies park for familiar sights.

This is not a Mimosa, as Google said, but Allium (alliums?) Thank you, Kathy

And now he practically lives in a park.


  1. The most important thing is Oliver has you and that's his world for the most part. They are ever so special. He's a handsome pup too.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches to handsome Oliver. ♥

  2. He has me on top of his mom and dad and all sorts of other people and a few family dogs too. He is one lucky little guy for sure. I will pass them on, Sandee.

  3. Oh Oliver! You look very sweet and quiet. I know you seem a little sad on the expression but I can feel you are well and happy on the inside! My first time to see that Mimosa flower Jeanna, its so cute!

  4. New things are scary for critters but Oliver can out cute the problem!

  5. Oliver is quite the nice puppy! The flower is actually an Allium https://www.gardeners.com/how-to/growing-alliums/7371.html Have wonderful day!

  6. Moving is hard, but with family around us...
    I think those flowers are fireweed, at least that is what we call it.

  7. Yeah I know moving is hard:( Love the flowers on her arm:) and the Alium is beautiful! This is a beautiful post, Jeanna. Hope this is not a repeat (so forgetful these days), hope you're not stopping with Say Cheese (if you don't think it's appropriate for this time, you can always change the title of your meme, but please don't stop, it was a great meme). Have a lovely week, Jesh

  8. We will move on Tuesday and take cat Rosie along ! she is 12 and has never lived in an appartment ! Hope she gets used to it easily!

  9. Hello, I love sweet Oliver, I hope he is happy at his new home. The Allium is beautiful.. I love all the purple flowers. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  10. oh he's breaking my heart with preciousness. I think home is anywhere their people are. Milo has been in so many places and hotels during his life, but is content anywhere we are...

  11. Beautiful flowers!

    My two cats certainly don't like change.

  12. Oliver is the cutest of 'em all. We have a ball lily that looks very similar.


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