Friday, May 29, 2020

Looking For Mayberry

I had a particularly hard time watching the news today.

I wanted a picture of this kid looking all Mayberry RFD, but I only got a rear view mirror shot

Sometimes you've got to let it go, have a bowl of cereal and watch Andy Griffith.


  1. That was some show. Don Knotts is from our Mom and Dad's hometown and our Dad's Grandpa performed at some local haunts with him when he was doing his ventriloquist act. The Mom and Dad both met him a couple of times when he came back to town to visit his friend Jarvey Eldred (mentioned several times in the TV show, he was a real person) and Jarvey's daughter was our Moms childhood friend.

  2. Your connection to a 60s comedy icon is kind of amazing, Brian, especially for a cat. Do you remember the incredible Mr. Limpet? It was one of the earliest movies I remember seeing at a theater. Maybe the Dad will rent it for you considering he turns into a fish. Mr. Limpet turns into a fish I mean, not the Dad. If the Mom and Dad have pics please ask them to post. I don't remember Jarvey Eldred, but I'll look out for clips to refresh myself on the reference. Does the Mom keep in touch with her childhood friend?

  3. Probably not any pics, that was way back when. Mom lost track of her friend years ago when she move south, then west. Here's a link about the Don and Jarvey friendship if you are interested: Later!

  4. It's a good and strange picture. I like it

  5. Loooove the black and white effect on that reflection Jeanna! You really had an eye for amazing moments to photohgraph!

  6. You are too kind, Stevenson.

  7. Jeanna, I must be from another world! Have no idea what Mayberry RFD refers to:):) Like to know thought, so whenever you have some time lift, please enlighten me:) Many thanks for linking the All Seasons and keeping in contact wit me as well! How are things in yor state at the moment? Hope a little better than a few weeks ago! Have a beautiful week, Jesh

    1. Mayberry RFD is the town from the Andy Griffith Show, J. I embedded the opening in the post. It's the ultimate small town from a simpler time full of Aunt Bea's homemade pies and deputies with only one bullet kept in his front shirt pocket. There's a bed and breakfast in the jail for the town drunk named Otis.
      Things are not too good here, see the post from yesterday. The looters struck again last night. Wishing you a lovely week as well.

  8. Yes, it has definitely been extremely difficult.

  9. I like this photo a lot!
    Thanks for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.


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