Sunday, September 22, 2019

Game Day

It might be dreary outside, but it's never dreary next to a bowl of curds or a dog in a jersey.

Keep walkin', Steelers's fan

Isn't Big Ben out for the season?

We've got a two game winning streak to start the season and the Steelers are what now?

Yo Willow Smith, there's no hair whipping in football!


  1. That is such a fun looking first string!

  2. So I’m confused.. was it a dog show or a football game? (I don’t do either one of those, so I am beyond ignorant). I like that big old St Bernard ...feel like he’d fit my slow brain and body.

    1. It was an event called, "Dogtoberfest" put on by the Dane County Humane Society with profits going to them, Sallie. It was a party for people and dogs at a local brewery called The Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI, which is why, besides this being WI and a Packer gameday, so many people were drinking beer.
      There's at least one more of these at another local brewery coming up.
      I loved that St. Bernard as well and I believe his jersey number is a bit of a thinker because that Packer is a safety currently listed on the Physically Unable to Perform or PUP list.

  3. Wow, all these dogs are gorgeous (my humble opinion). How did they all happen to get in your view? Are you one of these where dogs respond to, no matter what you say? Great event to link to All Seasons, Jeanna! Have a marvelours dog week:)


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