Tuesday, May 16, 2017

They Say It's Yer Birthday Top 'o' The Week Bonus

I usually head west for my birthday, stop for popcorn in Montfort and keep going. May 3rd was the first nice day in a week of cold and rain.
I got to see the place where the Mighty Mississipp meets the I Guess It's Okay Wisconsin and of course got lost looking for a bike trail I never found.
The day has been started with me dancing around like a maniac to the Beatles Yer Birthday for years, here's a taste.

On the wrong road, I thought I saw a sign that said "No Stray." I was disappointed to see it said, "No Spray" when I went through the photos

A friendly boat zooming down a swollen Mississippi

Don't mind if I do

This pier has looked like this for...ever

My Aunt Ginny and Uncle Danny called me when I roaming around here
Aunt Ginny and Blackie, Uncle Danny out of frame

There's a train that I first thought was quaint but then more trains kept coming, so many trains, many treetops and one of my fav things and the reason I started coming here on my birthday, rattlesnakes

Fitting this was one of my last photos when I turned 60


  1. Some good captures there including Aunt Ginny & Blackie heheh! that last photo looks very nostalgic :-)

    Happy belated Birthday with an apt song to go with it, I grew up with the Beatles (not literally)LOL love all their stuff :-)

    Have a zoomtastic week :-)

    1. It was great to hear from them as they took out time from watching TMC, lol.

  2. Such gorgeous shots! I love that old building in the first photo.

  3. Happy Birthday! You are treating us with some stunning photos to celebrate.

    1. Well I don't know about that, but thanks, Amalia.

  4. Nice shots.
    Happy Birthday! But rattlesnakes?

  5. What an amazing building. It looks like it will collapse any moment


  6. Great collection, love the old barn, the water reflection, the horse and buggy.

  7. Happy b-lated !! Yeah, somehow it doesn't surprise me that you'd think it's fun to find rattlesnakes ;>) Glad you had a good day-- started out with a great song and dance and went up hill from there.