Thursday, October 31, 2019

Trick or Trick

Well it snowed again today but on the other frozen hand the Nats took it all and what a great World Series so maybe it was more of a Treat or Trick.

I think we both know it's a, "trick."
I didn't get any Trick or Treat photos this year but saw a few kids dressed up while it was still light out.

My nephew Christopher, who, don't tell anyone,  got an engagement ring for his girlfriend. Yes, that's how confident I am my family doesn't read this blog
But if you think snow and ice is going to stop a Wisconsin kid from getting free candy, think again.
Especially this kid.

Some time later...
I saw a wee tot dressed up in a pumpkin suit while leaving my mom's today. He was delighted to hear I set out a few bowls of candy on the honor system outside her door.

That poor blow up cat on the right needs a pumpkin full of nip
I remember the excitement of disappearing bowl after bowl of honor system candy as a kid.

This nonsensical weather could actually work in the kiddies' favor tonight. You know, the extra handful of sympathy candy.

The kind you get if you empty your Trick or Treat bag a few times and offer a sad tale as to why your bag (or pillowcase) is empty.

Hey, Autumn, come back, I can change
We were crafty and happy children.

According to my cousin the Cubs fan, Opening Day is 147 days away. For those of us who find that disheartening, there's a February 11 spring training day (Orioles) already on the books.



  1. Oh my, that does look quite cold but I hope the engagement warms things up! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. It wasn't too bad from inside a car, Brian, lol. Much worse now for the kids though and fairly slippery to boot. Oh yeah, the nephew is in Florida and flaunting it on Facebook.

  2. Hello, Love the Halloween photos. We had a lot of rain and wind. Everything but the snow, I am not a fan of snow. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

    1. I was hearing about tornadoes somewhere but not sure where, maybe NC? It's the little ice hills hiding on the sidewalks under the piles of leaves that I really don't like. Hope the rain and wind slows down by you. Have a great weekend yourself, Eileen, have a nice healthy walk for me (:

  3. Yikes on all that snow. It's cold here, but the sun is shining.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

    1. It's cold in California? I hope you're away from the fires.

  4. Thank you Jeanna for showing All Seasons these Halloween celebrations! Certainly more festive than here! Have not even seen a pumpkin outside! We were out of electricity and wifi from last Saturday till mid-Wednesday afternoon. So, I missed a lot (fire prevention - stopped counting, but there are 10+ fires burning in California right now), because of catching up, also your Tue "Cheese!" Sorry, hope this will be the end of power outages for a while!Have a great weekend!

    1. I suppose things aren't so festive in parts of California although they did show some kids Trick or Treating yesterday who just moved back into a town they'd evacuated, but wow. There are still frozen pumpkins and ghosts and cobwebs out among somehow thriving mums. And so many, many leaves. The weird thing is there's some very green grass underneath all that mess. Not sure where you're located in relation to all those awful fires but close enough to not have electricity or wifi for almost a week! That's crazy, J, how did you get through it? I hope you and you're family are safe and warm (but not too warm).

  5. That is one cold Halloween!! Thanks for linking up.

  6. Sorry I wasn't here yesterday...I did not put on our light so did not get any trick-or-treaters. What is more, I did not even hear any. Maybe because it turned so cold, and we had blowing snow off and on all day yesterday. Only one person in my family checks my blog occasionally.


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