Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pope Farm Conservancy

The best shade and picnic spot

I stopped by Pope Farm before it got so hot my glasses set things on fire. One of the friends of the Farm said they planted the sunflower crop earlier and further away this year. Sunflower Days is listed as July 23-31 in their event calendar, although you'd normally expect to see them in early August.

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August 2014:  Sunflowers will be way back there this year. Oy.

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  1. Nicely done! Thank you.


  2. It looks like a great place to visit. I love your photo of the artist. Your subtle humor is also refreshing. Thanks for linking up on Amanda's Books and More! My linky party: http://abooksandmore.blogspot.co.za/2016/06/my-etsy-shop-and-more-with-linky.html

  3. Yeah, Christina, it's a go to place even off sunflower season. You get me. (ha)

  4. That looks like a wonderful place to paint. Oh, the happiness of sunflowers.

  5. If I painted I'd give it a go. It may be too much of a schlepp this year for some artists but I hope the distance doesn't discourage too many folks.

  6. Beautiful! I love sunflowers. I planted them in my garden but out here in northern Illinois we have way too many rabbits, so the rabbits ate them all. I might have to take a road trip up there in August to see those sunflowers. They look so beautiful.

  7. Check the Pope Farm website first. If u do go, it's all the way down Old Sauk till u see it on the right, coming in from Madison. It sounds like sunflowers will be up toward the end of July. Plan to take water. Only a few picnic tables, but great if u can get the one under the tree.
    Silly rabbits. I live close to a nature preserve and state park and there are all sorts of critters eating garden food. They r all quite well fed, especially the deer and rabbits.

  8. Beautiful sunflowers! Will you be visiting when there are in bloom again this year?

  9. I plan to pick the coolest day, which may be fruitless in mid-late July, take plenty of water and make sure me and my cameras are charged and ready to go.

  10. I love the one of the lady painting


  11. She had more patience than I, Molly. I'd love to see how her painting turned out.


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