Thursday, July 14, 2016

Four Italians Walk Into A Diner

My Mother turned 91 yesterday. She writes the children's poetry posted here sometimes. A few of us Italian girls went to the Norske Nook for pie and who cares what else. My cousin Tammi and I were the only Norwegians at the table, but all of us are some manner of Italian and the four of us have major sweet tooths, teeth—we like pie.

Full Blooded Italian

Never Too Old To Be A Fairy Princess

Blake tempting us with pie from the case. Possibly Pumpkin Cream Cheese

My Choice: Frozen Orange Dreamsicle Pie

The Birthday Girl's Choice: Cream Cheese Strawberry Pie with a graham cracker crust

Tammi had Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and took home a slice of Raspberry Cream Cheese and a piece of Turtle Cheesecake for her and the hubby. She said they were "like heaven" and to "die for". I'd post another pie photo here, but I'm full and I think everyone's had enough already.

Update: Here ya go, Sallie, not the best pic but you get the idea.
Tammi and a slice of Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

As long as I'm adding on the calories, the Northwoods Root Beer Float frozen pie remains my fav out of all I tasted.
Root Beer Float, Still the Winner


  1. I AM full ... But I wish you'd posted a picture of the peanut butter pie, because I could never turn that down, no matter how much I'd eaten, er, gazed at ... What a great Celebration! And Your mother looks amazing!

  2. You know camera flashes and I'm having trouble with mine, but here ya go, Sallie. Gotta say not my fav flav but my cuz was all over it. Yeah she looks pretty good, doesn't she?

  3. They all look so good! I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday!

  4. She loves to get out, Cascia and I think she had a good time. If there's a nice choice of bakery, she's pretty happy.

  5. Congratulations that's an admirable age and she still waves her wand :) The cake looks delicious

    1. It's all about the amazing pie flavors at the Norske Nook, Marja. Although they do have two flavors of cheese cake (more like pie than cake). She was a sport about putting on the fairy princess stuff.

  6. Happy Birthday to your mother she looks like such a sweet lady especially holding onto her fairy wand. The cake must have made her very happy too.

  7. She is a bit of a sugarholic although we have both been trying to cut down lately, Mary K. I loved it when she started posing with the wand and put on the ring and tiara.

  8. Well, a happy 91th! Looks like fun at carb central.

  9. Ha, yeah, they've raised the bar for comfort food as well, Tom.

  10. Your Mother's photo made me smile because my Mum had a photo taken very much like that one. She had the same star and tiara but she also had a fur stole wrapped around her shoulders. She looked like the Queen Mother and loved every minute.
    Happy Belated birthday to her.
    I'm not even going to look at those cakes because I'm sure I'll add gazillions of calories to my diet... just by looking at them!

  11. Happy birthday to our Mum, she looks amazing for 91


  12. OH my gosh those desserts.
    Happy birthday to your Mum -91 trips around the sun is impressive . She doesn't look it.

  13. Hope I'll be like your mom when I'm her age, still perky and joyful! Never heard about a root beer float pie:)
    About my new blog: I know a lot of people will be happy about the easier commenting process! But I doubt if it will make a difference in how many more (different) people will comment:)

  14. I loved that flavor the best, J. although the Orange Dreamsicle was good too. My mother does love going out to dine. I think you do pretty good but easier is always better online.

  15. Oh happy birthday to your Mom! Your Mother looks amazing! And well, I have never had anything like those pies... They are huge!

  16. Oh thank you for my slice of peanut butter pie -- (or for sharing Tami's piece with me anyway -- I hope she didn't mind -- I didn't eat much ))).


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