Friday, November 10, 2017

Old Favorites New Flavors

I'd be happy with a plain old Oreo but am happier still with flavors like Berry Burst Ice Cream. Huffington Post ranked some of the flavors back in 2014 where they disparage Chocolate Covered Berry Burst Ice Cream and after reading about them now that's all I want.
When I looked up the regular Berry Burst flavor today, Apple Pie Oreos came up instead. Now I want those.
And I think Oreo is as thankful for its customers as we are for their cookies because they have some enticing recipes on a fairly lively website (I'm looking at you, Oreo Cupcakes).
How's the diet going?
Quite well, thank you.

The Many Flavors of Oreo


  1. Good heavens -- I haven't been doing my fair share -- didn't even know there were all these flavors in the world, never mind Oreos.

  2. Follow that link that rates flavors if you get a chance, Sallie, it's pretty funny.


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