Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thanksgiving Gumballs

These gumballs are as close to the TV dinner Violet Beauregarde chewed in Willy Wonka and I'm sorry I didn't buy a tin of it or the Bubble Gum Franks and beans.
Maybe I should be thankful I didn't get it.

Novelty Gum
Now Comes In Boneless


  1. Jeanna -- your sweet tooth is getting quite the work out lately. What happened to brots and the adult bev to go with it? Cheese? That's what I'd want on a cold winter day. (I think. I can't remember cold days very well.)

    1. Ha ha, I wanted to post every day up to Thanksgiving with a food pic but I have so many more sugar based photos than anything else. I had (still have but neglecting it) a candy blog and so many of my photos are of sweets! I wish I could stop eating brats and cheese, long may they live ( although I'm sure they're shortening my life).


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