Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I'm Thankful For My Irish Aunts and Free Candy Although Not Necessarily In That Order

Gun to my head I guess there are things I'm thankful for although it's a lot more fun to complain. In the spirit of the season or not since I dread every second of it from the day after Halloween until a week after New Year's, I thought I'd post some food related photos more meaningful than skilled.
It's all leading up to Thanksgiving or as it's called in my family "I Can't Take Another Holiday With You People I Really Can't."

My Irish Aunt Em
She still lives on the same street she grew up on and her house is bursting with kids and cats. She's there to offer a cup of tea and lend an ear with Irish baubles and gimcracks adorning her home inside and out. I dropped off some free Twix courtesy of my candy blog and she thought it was all totally hatchet. Am I saying that right?

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