Sunday, May 28, 2017

Let Me In

Open up,
I wanna come in again,
I thought you were my friend. 

Oh, it's already open

Happy Memorial Day, here's a pic of my gramps from WWI. I posted a picture of my dad as young sailor to start the Memorial Day weekend.

Clarence Arthur Olson, WWI

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Brats and Beer

We all know that Memorial Day is to honor those who have served our country, and in Wisconsin we honor them by consuming as many beers and brats as possible. For our pals across the pond "brat" stands for bratwurst and is best eaten when soaked in beer. Brats (brahts) are coincidentally consumed by people who are also soaked in beer. That's cold microbrewery beer,  so delicious that even our dogs long for a cup on a mild and partly sunny day.

I told you to bring your ID

It looks like his mom had a problem with his behavior and he's for sale. He's selling bratwurst—the best in the area—and was dressed up like one earlier (the top of his costume is to the right below the towel)

Okay I'll just share your beer, and will have a Smoked Brisket, one Smoked Pork and a Grilled Cheese

Friday, May 26, 2017


If you think I'm talking about the Battle of, I'm not. But here's a picture of my handsome pop who was plucked out of high school and tossed onto a mine sweeper in WWII.
Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who have served.

Clarence Francis Olson, WWII

The Brat Fest Midway in black and white.

About to be scrambled

Why is it fun to take photos of someone taking photos?

Jerry, one of the guys I met at the midway today

More photo ops here than at the actual Brat Fest which was already dreary. And then it rained

Rock. On.

It will get better little dude. Notice the Peter Griffin doll

Some people see any kind of vehicle and think, "I should be on my phone." 

I gave one of these to a guy running the slide. He didn't know what a brat was

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Trip To Stoughton

Stoughton is one of two nearby Norwegian communities and more than a *punchline. It hosts the three-day Syttende Mai celebration and officially kicks off festival season. Although this year's weather was one of the gloomiest in memory, the staunch Nordic spirit persisted.

Today, everyone is Norwegian. I want a treat for this

A kind of Superman Thor vibe

I'd rather have fistfuls of lingonberry pies

Ah dinnae think this goes together, but Uff Da!

Wheee, I'm Norwegian, Week's Favorite

Does this remind anyone else of that scene from The Shining?

I love finding Stink-Eye pics

Kid Stinky-Eye

Mandatory stilt pirate. Hey der, aye

Just so I could say, "Norse Horse."

My subjects. Are we almost done?

*Question: What do you get when you cross lutefisk with a tab of acid.
Answer: A trip to Stoughton

Friday, May 19, 2017

El Pussy Gato

You may remember my guest cat Dexter from previous posts. My cousin dropped him off in April for a two-week cat sit and well, he's lying on my feet right now. Dexter, not my cousin.
El Pussy Gato has once again become an integrated part of my modest suburban apartment and I'm no longer sure when he got here. But he seems to have come with a brand new cattitude.

Consider yourself lucky to wake up to this

He must have gotten here before taxes because I put him to work in April.

What's the sales tax in Wisconsin?

He started sitting in the dog's spot on top of the couch.

If you can't sit, you musta quit. Yes, I now have an Italian accent

Sometimes he stayed downstairs all night, only coming up to the loft to put in his breakfast order.

I see you've made a plate of Chicken & Waffles for yourself

He slipped into his routine like a hand in a glove. And then I got really busy and the glove turned into OJ's.

I can't help but notice you're planning to take time out from ignoring me to go on a little trip

I had no idea how much food and water to leave him when I left for my birthday road trip.

I've seen less food in a bomb shelter

The lady at the pet store said cats were under hydrated. I was afraid to leave the toilet seat up because I thought he might fall in

He began to amuse himself in new and inventive ways while I was sleeping.

Let me just pull out every single shirt through this little slot

He decimated his Mouse On A Stick and I had to order him another one.

My darling, can it be love?

One night he jumped on the counter and ate through a bag of hamburger buns. Then he tore through a baggie of lemon bread and threw it around the kitchen.

Able to leap up on places he shouldn't be in a single bound, it's El Pussy Gato

When he left me the remains of his Mouse On A Stick at my bedside I felt like I was in a scene from The Godfather. I hoped sharing an ice cream cone was the favor I couldn't refuse.

Hmm,  needs chicken

I'm not sure what's gotten into the ginger varmint, but things have settled down a bit. He comes when I call him and puts up with my less than stellar housekeeping. I don't keep food on the counter and leave him kibble in his snack shack in case he gets peckish overnight.

 Have you ever even thought of cleaning back here?

I had a rough week and he clung to me like snot on a toddler. I was trying to hide him from the landlord the other day, but instead of running upstairs to hide he sang like Merman.
Yeah, that cat's out of the bag. Now my turn to sing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

They Say It's Yer Birthday Top 'o' The Week Bonus

I usually head west for my birthday, stop for popcorn in Montfort and keep going. May 3rd was the first nice day in a week of cold and rain.
I got to see the place where the Mighty Mississipp meets the I Guess It's Okay Wisconsin and of course got lost looking for a bike trail I never found.
The day has been started with me dancing around like a maniac to the Beatles Yer Birthday for years, here's a taste.

On the wrong road, I thought I saw a sign that said "No Stray." I was disappointed to see it said, "No Spray" when I went through the photos

A friendly boat zooming down a swollen Mississippi

Don't mind if I do

This pier has looked like this for...ever

My Aunt Ginny and Uncle Danny called me when I roaming around here
Aunt Ginny and Blackie, Uncle Danny out of frame

There's a train that I first thought was quaint but then more trains kept coming, so many trains, many treetops and one of my fav things and the reason I started coming here on my birthday, rattlesnakes

Fitting this was one of my last photos when I turned 60

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dandy Line

Well worth the allergies, this little weed pops up early and leaves all too soon. They bring to mind one of my favorite songs, colors and signs of spring and I saw irresistible fields of them in Boo.
It's hard to believe this was only a week ago, makes me want to drink some dandelion wine and weep for times gone by.

Sneezing on Ski Hi

On the way to (or back from) Pewitt's Nest, a place that involves more climbing than I cared to do that day (or most days these days).

Hwy W near the Boo Circus Train and Elephant Bridge

A bit of whimsy over W

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

April Showers

Brings a whole lot of photos. Lots of busy work like taxes and such kept me parked in front of my laptop for most of April while my Canon gently weeped.

Present at both Saturday and Sunday's showers, thank God for Aunt Ginny who never met a camera lens she didn't like

So I felt a bit rusty sashaying into two baby shower shoots. Uneven lighting, moving targets and poorly lit tables against a gawd awful green wall were the worst.

And let's hear it for kids, always a willing whether or not they get a second cupcake

Bonus, my cousin Gina (yes we're Italian so there are two of us) has twins

And what's better than little girls drinking red punch

Okay, maybe some people don't appreciate candid shots (Claudia was a good sport though)

You know who never complains, Aunt Betty

Linda didn't complain either (because she didn't see this)

Wheeee, take my picture, Jeanna

Teens and Toddlers

This gave me flashes of my college dorm

The old dudes downstairs at the senior fashion show asked my cuz if she was a model

My cheery Aunt Em and father to be, Joey, who hung out in the bar

And here's the sick greenish beige wall in a dark corner that ruined what should have been the $ shot

I found that hugs are hard to shoot

The next shower the following day had a whole other set of challenges, but I liked the reflection from the windows