Thursday, September 6, 2018


I've been sick since the end of August with a cough and cold that's left me with two floors of tissues littering the carpet like roses.

I think the off-brand Dayquil I'm taking is responsible for the path of balled up tissues looking like white roses.

And it's still raining. I think it's been raining for three weeks but I'm not really sure because I've been too busy not sleeping and blowing my nose.

I've also been binge-watching My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's times like this I wish I still had a pet that sleeps 16 hours a day.

I like the symmetry of getting obsessed with a show about obsession.

I had too many things that needed doing today so I punched my way out of my snot bubble and ran, rather schlepped some errands.

I was surprised to see how much the east side has been affected by the flooding. I don't know why I'm surprised because the only other thing I'm watching besides My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the news and the news here is all about the weather.

Apparently, the near and east side proper are mostly orange barrels and detours. 

A Few Things I've Retained Besides Water

💧The only lake level management tool currently available is cleaning debris and aquatic plants from the water
💧The streets were deliberately flooded to manage Lake Mendota 
💧Working for the Land & Water Resources Department might be the worst job of 2018
💧The Iron Man participants—aren't there women competing too, Iron People, Persons, Maiden, they're still touring? I need sleep—will have to swim in the always questionable waters of Lake Monona made more ambiguous by rain and flooding
💧Snakes in flooded areas are supposed to be common which makes me think I don't like snakes as much as I thought
💧Please stop sending in photos of snakes swimming down Main St. people of Sauk County

💦Added fun flood fact for Susie Mac, Lake Monona set a record this morning for being 10 inches higher than the 100 Year Flood level

Eehh, I can't even eat gummy worms now. Hopefully, I'll be able to sit up straight and drop by all my favorite blogs soon, meanwhile, binge-watching and Cheese Nips it is. Well, not cheese nips, but maybe I should take a bath. 


  1. I sure hope the all better shows up for you soon and that crazy rain gives it a break.

    1. I think the all better comes with sleeping for more than 50 minutes at a time so I'm caving and taking a few Ibuprofen pms and hoping today's weather will be repeated tomorrow. Or maybe this is the only nice day we'll ever have again. I think I need one of those Cat Amazing toys, Brian.

  2. oooh I hate a summer cold. And when I have one, I can't make other people laugh the way you can. Actually I can't at any time at all ever, so never mind. Just get well soon. The flooding is awful. I can't believe they did it on purpose. That stinks. It is still dry as a bone here.

    1. It does suck but on the plus side it's barely stopped raining for three weeks. Although it's nice today, but I'm too wiped to do much more than shove some chicken breasts in a crock pot. My take away is that no one here has ever faced anything like this and it's a fine balance between managing the two biggest lakes and street flooding.

  3. Get well soon. I've never heard of crazy ex girlfriend before but I've always got a buttload of cats! I'll be singing that all day now, thanks!

    1. Thanks, Anne, it would be nice to stop coughing, but at least it's stopped raining (although threatening). That's one of my favorite videos, I love how the cats ask if she's considered getting a dog, hahaha. And they saw the article in the Atlantic then peed on it. Ahhhaaaa, bringing Broadway to the CW.

  4. Bummer that you've been sick, Jeanna. I was wondering if something bad had befallen you. Glad to hear you didn't float away in your flood. 10 inches more than the 100-year flood's average -- yowza! Thanks for including the explanation. It took me to the end to finally understand the term. Now, I feel smart. Also shuddering about how climate change and land use can drastically alter norms.
    When I was a kid we had a buttload of outdoor cats. That cured me from ever wanting more than one cat at a time. Well, maybe I'd consider two. Maybe.

    1. And still coughing as I type. Too bad it didn't curb my appetite for long.
      I'd understand it better if I remembered what AEP stands for although I can retain "probability" and rolling dice.
      I'm no prize pig and I don't argue with science. Science and I have had an understanding since the sixth grade.
      Did you, an actual Buttload? What that is in hekats? I hear ya, and I can't imagine the Ginger Demon sharing attention with another cat or me having the energy for one more. But then again I was slowly turning him into a dog.

    2. I'd open the garage door and at least 2 adults and 3 or 4 kittens would try to scramble through the door. The parents didn't believe in cats living indoors. We always had 3 or 4 adult cats and kittens popping up constantly in the backyard and garage. Neutering was not in my parents vocabulary.

    3. I used to sneak in the neighbor's cat and hide it under my bed next to my violin, only my dad liked cats and I think he would have let me have at least two if it were up to him.


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