Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rainy Days and Bergman

The Bang Bang Bar music that lodged itself in my brain last weekend seems to have affected the cat who I found watching Bergman films and smoking filterless cigarettes.
Here he contemplates life, raindrops and that bird that keeps taunting him on the balcony.

"When shall the light find my eyes?"

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Diaphanous Music and Beer Jelly

There was a typically cheery vendor event last weekend in Paoli, my favorite place for smoked brisket. Yet the music—according to my cousin Nanci—was straight out of the Bang Bang Bar in Twin Peaks.

All is lost while we drink coffee and munch our cherry pie, la la la.

"Why so cheerful?"  "Forgive me, I was thinking about death."

And on the other side of the Park

This is one of the more upbeat tunes to come out of the Bang Bang Bar. I've got to say, I love Rebekah Del Rio and although she's dressed in Black Lodge couture, at least she's not singing backwards. Gracias for that.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Marginally Lost

I got to do some of my favorite things yesterday, discover a new park, lounge around Paoli, and eat brisket. We (another cousin and I) sat by the smoker for awhile so the celestial smell is still on my clothes which I may never wash again.
We also did one of my least favorite things, get lost. But not seriously and not for long.

Mounds of smoked brisket and brats were handed down from the gods to a smoker in Paoli, WI

Funny, I never noticed this rock formation before

Horses crossing the highway, where are we, Montana?

I asked if she lost the rider and she was not amused

This barn was not here last week

Getting a Planet of the Apes vibe

We were only marginally lost this time and I always find my way back to The Hop Garden