Saturday, September 16, 2017


I'm not sure when Dogtober moved to Puptember but there were three canine fall fests last Sunday and we were beside ourselves.
It was tough to choose but I picked the one closest to New Glarus, one of my favorite places for festivals, bratwurst and fiberglass cows.
It turned out to be a great choice because not only did I get a close up look at Christian Rock fans waving their hands in the air like they just didn't careah—or careahed a lot, including a lady who had fallen backward off a picnic table bench—but there were free brats. FREE brats so I was in heaven (no pun intended). The gray-haired Christian rock fan was looked after and fine, waving about like an inflatable air dancer when we left.
Back to Puptember.
There were two Great Pyranese hanging out in the Wisconsin Brewing Company tap room and this pup was one of the most earnest dogs I've ever met. He had the grace of a white Bengal tiger with the welcoming manner of an employee at the Lake Mills Dollar General. High praise as I've become a dollar store connoisseur thanks to my mother.
There were dogs in costume, the best cream soda ever, music and a gift shop for my cousin to buy "growlers." Fitting don't you think? I didn't see any growlers or prowlers but plenty of jowlers and one or two howlers.
Here's hoping you like photos of canine cosplayers because I'll be posting a lot of them as well as pups going au naturel.

Have a cup of coffee.

And enjoy the only Halloween dog song I could think of. (Because the dog is named, "Boo!")

A tortoise looking for a hare, i.e, the other half of his costume. "Bet she's at the bar."

You know, Debra, we both made a commitment to this thing

Dog trolls, aka Drolls. I must have the Twin Peaks purse next to the unfinished beer (as rare in WI as escaping the Black Lodge)

Those better be stuffed in chicken, wrapped in bacon and rolled in dead fish

You got a real attitude problem, McFly

Who's hungry for Goldfish?

Hopes none of his friends see him here

Sunday, September 10, 2017

How Many More Times

Will I embarrass my little cousin? At least once more. Look at him, isn't he cute?

Bug and the dog version of him, Roscoe

Bug Boy got a scholarship to play ball at a small college out of state where he did well. But it was his dream to play for the University of Wisconsin Badgers so he came back home. His parents had since moved and he hadn't gotten accepted to the university but took a shot.

Did you know Teddy Bears love Badgers?

That meant tech school, getting his grades up, working and going to school and what seemed like endless attempts to get a try out with the Badgers.

Barely putting up with me taking his picture

He got into the UW but they wouldn't let him try out. Semesters and football seasons passed and it seemed time to chalk it up to character building—being quite the character already he didn't really need it.

Photo by his brother, Vince

Out of the blue last week they said he was on the team. That doesn't mean he gets to play, and I counted 13 WRs on the roster, but hell, our little Bug Boy is one tenacious kid and today he got to suit up. I'm all verklempt.
This young man, forever a little boy in my eyes no offense, is a sweet reminder that we should not give up and even if we go down, to go down swinging. Preferably in the Duke Ellington sense, but you know, Rocky if you prefer.

Zeppelin may not be the obvious choice but Bug, his brother Vince and I had a car radio rule, we take turns selecting music unless Zeppelin comes on and then: We never turn off Zeppelin. 

P.S. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!
P.P.S. Photos from his granny

Friday, September 8, 2017


I'm can barely wait for the luscious fall weather, but it won't come next week since we're expecting weather in the 80s. It would be criminal to complain so I'll content myself with a few premature fall photos from this week.

At the world's longest red light on Hwy 12

A fading corn field near Sauk Praire. That spec is a plane

The Dog Beach at Devil's Lake will undoubtedly see a last hurrah next week