Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sunset Double Rainbow

Mother Nature ended the day peacefully after she was done dumping cold water on us all Sunday. The weather had been (yes I'm one of those people who constantly talk about the weather now) fantabulous all week and then rain and gloom. But wait, how about this sunset double rainbow?
It was 76 and now apparently it's winter so enjoy the sky and dig out your winter boots.
Someone was talking about snow at the Hy-Vee bakery today. I almost punched him.
Millenial Pastry Clerk: "It was snowing when I came in, but that's okay, I like snow."
Me: ~Thwarp~

By way of apology for today's weather and the upcoming five months

Forget the pot of gold just find me a blanket

I'm calling that spot behind the clouds, "The Moon" rather than a raindrop stain on the lens

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Color My World

I found a little fall color after a gloomy Sunday so made a few more day trips when the weather turned bright and warm. 

Looking at Halloween decorations with my mother on a mostly gloomy Sunday
The trees seemed prettier in Lake Mills, maybe because we were high on fast food

Dexter and I had a fire alarm scare when I got home. I was the only one that brought out their cat (still the same guest cat I've had since April).
Out again at the beginning of the week, this time near Lodi. I was hoping that shed was a bathroom, it wasn't

After finding a bathroom at a closed campground ala Friday the 13thseriously, it's called, "Crystal Lake"—I saw this sign reminding me that getting old had its perks
The next day I found a place I never found before, then immediately got lost

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Foot Cheese

I don't know what stage of Limburger cheese they were eating at this Oktoberfest down the way, but it was unsettling to learn from the Wisconsin Cheeseman that there are three of them: Beginner, Intermediate and Hardcore, also described as "weapons-grade."

I won't have what he's having

Thinking twice about their life choices

No please no why did I—no. And I think that's Brett Favre sitting to her left

The winner. But didn't we all win by not entering this contest?