Sunday, July 24, 2016

How Hot Is It?

It's so hot I hoped for a tornado just to feel a breeze

It's so hot the squirrels are dipping their nuts in Snow Cones
It's so hot even carousel horses are drinking water
It's so hot I saw a bird picking up worms with oven mitts
It's so hot cows are giving evaporated milk
It's so hot black bears are dressing in white
It's so hot fish are already fried when you catch them
It's so hot the Piggly Wiggly logo is beginning to look delicious
It's so hot my sweat is sweating
It's so hot you can fry an egg on shaved ice
It's so hot I saw a camel giving the sun the finger

"She's so flippin' hot. She's like a curry."

Friday, July 22, 2016

D Is For Dexter

D is for my house guest Dexter

Dexter is also my Favorite thing this week 

But I'm still impressed with these Land of the Lost pastries from the Pine Cone

This silver robot guy has a cold Winter vibe on a sweltering Summer day

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Can't You Smell That Smell?

Wellity wellity, what do we have here?

It's as if it wants me to sniff its butt

Once again little brother, you shame us both

Different kind of bum, smells like micro beer.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Four Italians Walk Into A Diner

My Mother turned 91 yesterday. She writes the children's poetry posted here sometimes. A few of us Italian girls went to the Norske Nook for pie and who cares what else. My cousin Tammi and I were the only Norwegians at the table, but all of us are some manner of Italian and the four of us have major sweet tooths, teeth—we like pie.

Full Blooded Italian

Never Too Old To Be A Fairy Princess

Blake tempting us with pie from the case. Possibly Pumpkin Cream Cheese

My Choice: Frozen Orange Dreamsicle Pie

The Birthday Girl's Choice: Cream Cheese Strawberry Pie with a graham cracker crust

Tammi had Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and took home a slice of Raspberry Cream Cheese and a piece of Turtle Cheesecake for her and the hubby. She said they were "like heaven" and to "die for". I'd post another pie photo here, but I'm full and I think everyone's had enough already.

Update: Here ya go, Sallie, not the best pic but you get the idea.
Tammi and a slice of Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

As long as I'm adding on the calories, the Northwoods Root Beer Float frozen pie remains my fav out of all I tasted.
Root Beer Float, Still the Winner

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'm No Good At Math But...


A Fresh Berry Pie with classic crust. I counted six kinds of Strawberry Pie.

Tomorrow is Pie Wednesday.
Coming Up: More Pie Pics and a birthday celebration. Take a look at this Norske Nook pie menu. So. Many. Delicious. Pies. Full review on The Wisconsin Candy Dish.

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Day WIth Rita Sue

A Day With Rita Sue
by Evelyn Olson

There was a little missy
And her name was Rita Sue
She woke up every morning
With many things to do

She started making cupcakes
Then made some loaves of bread
She had a cup of coffee
And made her little bed

She fed her baby tiger
And her alligator too
Her naughty little monkeys
Always hid her little shoes

Her darling little pony
Had to stay in bed you see
She had a little sniffle
And was sad as she could be

Her baby bear was playing
In his little baby tub
The water ran all over
Leaving Rita Sue to scrub
Her lion was so angry
He couldn't find his comb
Of course it was the monkeys
Who hid it far from home

Now Rita Sue said, "Goodness."
Then she cried, "I Rita Sue,
Must send those sassy monkeys
To a little monkey zoo."

The teapot runneth over
And her doggie chased the cat
The cake that she was frosting
Fell into her lap

She stepped into her gardens
Just to stretch her little legs
The chickens were all crying
'cause the monkeys stole their eggs

Now Rita Sue cried, "Mercy!"
As she scratched her head and said,
"I'll fix those naughty monkeys
Just before they go to bed."

Each evening before bedtime
Rita Sue would make some treats
They were so very special
That no other treats could beat

She made a cherry cheesecake
Apple pie with caramel top
She made a special popcorn
With a lot of extra pop

The monkeys in the kitchen
Made a pound of scrambled eggs
And then they found a razor
And shaved the kitty's legs

"My goodness and my gracious,"
Said our little Rita Sue.
"Those monkeys are more trouble
And I know just what to do."

Now when the day was over
Everybody took their seats
They waited at the table
For their very special treats

"You troublemaking monkeys,"
Said our little Rita Sue.
"You may leave the table now
There are no treats for you

"You hurt our helpless chickens
When you took away their eggs
How could you be so wicked
As to shave the kitty's legs

"The lion got so angry
When you took his precious comb
You took it and you hid it
Far away from lion's home

"I'll tell you, naughty monkeys
There'll be no more treats for you
I think I'll take the three of you
And put you in a zoo.

"You dirtied up my kitchen
When you fried those chicken's eggs
However can I clean it
It will take a million days."

"Oh no!" cried all the monkeys.
"Please don't send us all away
We'll try to be much better
We'll try harder every day

"We'll never hurt the chickens
We'll never steal their eggs
We'll try to find the lion's comb
We won't shave kitty's legs

"We'll always clean the kitchen
We willl never leave a mess
Please just give us another chance
We'll try to do our best."

Now Rita Sue was weary
And she said, "I'll let you stay
If you will be good monkeys
Each and every day."

The monkeys said, "We promise!"
And they winked their eyes and said,
"We'll be so very, very good,"
Then they ate and went to bed.
"I'm glad this day is over,"
Said our little Rita Sue.
"It's been a very busy day
I'm glad this day is through."

For My Beautiful Niece Rita and All Her Precious Grandchildren

My Daughter Jeanna's Two Cents