Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Partly Sunny Leftovers

I'm still having fun with my pancake lens and trying to spot the difference between it and my other lenses. It's been glorious outside and here are a few shots enjoying the partly sunny weather.

Oliver, looking extra fluffy after a "haircut." I think they put more hair on him (old EF-S Canon 55-250 STM lens)

One of the first shots I took with the new pancake lens. Toxic green sure is pretty

 Lola, aka Big Ol' Baby Girl, loving the cooler weather and warm deck (Canon EF 40 mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens)

Sunday, June 25, 2017


I was on the opposite side of town sitting for my cousin's sweet beast (pictured in the last post) when I came across this Cambodian Buddist Temple. I thought it was the perfect subject for yesterday's cool blue clouds and my new pancake lens. 
Bonus, there's a song by Haley Mills kid, Crispian, that occasionally goes through my head which fits quite well, especially since I was sitting for an Italian dog owned by a very Italian family and Kula sounds like culo (butt), a word we heard a lot growing up. 
So shake your Kula and have a zen week. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017


This might not be the best picture I took today but it's the most joyous.
Say hello to Lola, a young Italian Mastiff living the life on the right side of the tracks. She's got that super thin coat which makes things very uncomfortable on hot sunny days. Today she feasted on cool weather and warm sun, making the best of cool grass and a tolerable patio before the rain came.

I love...everything

Friday, June 23, 2017

Cloud Bolts and Swamps Things

I liked the way this cloud struck down from the sky like a fat lightning bolt on the road to my favorite swimming hole.
Okay, my swimming hole is an indoor warm water and lap pool with a parking structure and fancy fruit water, but technically it has holes in which one can swim.
Taking this and a few other field shots reminded me that having a prime lens instead of a zoom might encourage me to carry my camera more.

I think this was taken with my Canon 55-250 STM and doesn't look much better than my kit lens, but I like the sky. I was surprised to see how much we've needed rain. 

After going camera shopping and realizing I couldn't afford anything I looked at, I got an *inexpensive lens at the Best Buy in Brookfield and stopped by Lapham Peak on my way back. I looked at these photos and thought, "No reflection in these shots."

And then I found actual open water. All except the pooch and top photos are taken with my first fixed lens, a Canon EF 40 2.8 STM which I'm loving. I especially love that it's called a "Pancake Lens."

Making a mental note to come back here for Halloween photos.

Bobby Boy (aka Bob Barker, aka Mr. French, aka Sunny Bob) hated his new haircut so much he's been wearing this vest to cover it up and feel something against his skin. Although I think he looks dapper, it reminds me of a devastating haircut my mother made me get that was so bad I covered it up with a hat for the entire summer (much like Roberto here). 

*Got a speeding ticket just as I hit the city, a few miles from home.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog

Or more accurately one hound and two sporting.
I love the dog beach at Devil's Lake because you can pull your car right up to it and set down your chair, watercraft and cooler. Much of this parking lot has been flooded for years and you can still see telltale signs if you peek underwater.
You can meet locals and travelers, people and pooches and all manner of means to be in and on the water. A bonus to pulling your car up to your spot is that you can plug in your automatic air pump if it's not too hot to be on the water. Until yesterday, however, it's been so hot that being in the water v. on the water may mean the difference between cooling off or toasting your marshmallows.

Howdy dog. Howdy boychick.

Let's go swimmin'

You may need more water

Let me show ya

Ooh, chilly

Oh no, here come the Bumpus hounds aka Otis and Copper

Sons of &^%$#@* Bumpuses!

And there they go looking for a perfect Christmas turkey

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Demon Ginger God of Mischief

My lil cuz dropped off Dexter for "a few weeks" sometime in April (yes, he's still here). This is not his first "visit" and at this point, all gloves are off. Not for me, however, since he's taken to nipping me in the hand after I give him a good brushing or ear scratching. He acts like he's giving me a tip. 
"Here's a little something for  you, doll."
And ever since I started painting my toenails watermelon pink he'll go after my foot. He looks at me like it's the funniest thing in the world, then takes off for his blanket fort to peek out and taunt me. 
He also managed to push a full bag of cat food off the breakfast bar and rip into it while I was sleeping. To add insult to injury, that's one of the few places he's not supposed to be.

Dexter, Demon Hellcat and Ginger God of Mischief