Monday, February 18, 2019

The John Waters Is More Fun Than A Hurricane Say Cheese! Link Up

Once upon a time in the late 70s/early 80s, I was in school at the University of Wisconsin and watched a merry band of pranksters run for student senate. They made it rain watermelon, togas and pink flamingos. The flamingos planted on Basom Hill were said to have blown in from a Florida hurricane although I thought they were a tribute to John Waters.

The sign might as well have said, "Let's see how many people we can fit on the ice in one spot on a warm day."

They also brought the Statue of Liberty to Lake Mendota. I was there when it first went up, for a resurrection in 2010 and again for a surprise addition to the Winter Carnival this February (held on a lake with warning signs not to walk on the lake).
"You maniacs, you blew it up!"

When the Statue of Liberty first rose from the frozen bosom of Lake Mendota I thought it was a tribute to the last scene of Planet of the Apes with less statue and more ice.

 "What does it take to make you look up from your phones, ice head here!"

The jesters behind it were members of the WSA (Wisconsin Student Association), most notably Leon Varjian (RIP) and the Mink Stole to his Divine, Jim Mallon (MST3K, Blood Hook).

Say Cheese! Statue of Liberty arm

Lady Liberty was part of a student campaign promise but Leon Varjian did a lot more than my feeble brain remembers. There's a pretty good obit for him here in the State Journal. The paper also found some great photos to remember him by.

I can't think of anything cheesier than Leon Varjian, Jim Mallon and the Statue of Liberty rising from Lake Mendota.

So Let's Say Cheese! It's time for this week's Link Up

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Greets From The Streets

Hope everyone is happy and full of chocolate. I met this little guy on the street and although he doesn't do chocolate he has a very sweet smile.

I'm all sugar, baby

Pucker up

Monday, February 11, 2019

Snow Me Your Cheese Say Cheese! Link Up

While I was stuck inside waiting for AAA to get my car towed (they never did) my cousin broke me out to visit the Winter Carnival on Lake Mendota. It smelled like bratwurst and freedom.

From the Winter Carnival: Now that mom has a hood full of snow, "Say Cheese!" kid.

From a New Glarus Oktoberfest Past: One of the few shots without arms and elbows

This will keep you warm, especially if you spill it

Cheese Fondue from the New Glarus Hotel Restaurant

Luckily this cheesy post from Sweet Leisure has a recipe from the New Glarus Hotel because I do not feel like doing anything more today than putting on a kettle and eating Tootsie Rolls. I'm not sure what type of Swiss cheese they use at Oktoberfest but I love the choices in this recipe. The New Glarus Hotel recipe yields four servings so multiply that times what, 2,000 for a vat? Any guesses?

1 and 1/4 c divided Dry White Wine
4 c shredded Appenzeller, Gruyere or Emmentaler
2 T Fresh Lemon Juice
1 tsp finely chopped Garlic
1 tsp chopped Dill
1/2 tsp White Pepper
Pinch Nutmeg
1 T plus 2 tsp Cornstarch
2 T Kirsch
Crusty French bread cut into bite-sized cubes for fondue or Oktoberfest style over a piece of bread with plastic forks and a beer

Put 1 cup wine in a heavy fondue pot.
Set pot over high heat and bring wine to gentle boil. Reduce heat to simmer.
Gradually stir in cheese. Stir in wine when cheese melts then stir in lemon juice, garlic, dill, pepper and nutmeg.
Combine cornstarch with remaining wine, add to cheese and stir well.
Let cook a few minutes, stirring constantly until fondue is thick and smooth.
Stir in Kirsch and serve immediately with bread for dipping.

A Cheesy thank you to last week's linkers Kristie for her 3 Ingredient Football Cheese Ball and Easy Cheesy Beefaroni and SJ Country Craft's French Onion Soup. And kudos to Shelbee for her cheesy Super Bowl recipes with a bonus cheesy photo at the bottom of her post.

So grab a wedge or wheel to pass while linking up and checking out this week's Say Cheese! Link Up

Monday, February 4, 2019

The We Aren't Paying You To Eat Our Ice Cream Say Cheese! Link Up

But somebody should.

They added a clause at the bottom saying  0˚ is free but you can't make money if it's negative 12. If?

Quick Recap
Polar Vortex, -61˚F windchill although I can only testify to -48 and absorbing fun facts while getting Overlook Hotel scale cabin fever. Did you know the average temperature on Mars is -80 and base camp on Mt. Everest was a balmy -30˚F?

My cousin Nanci with Saturday's menu
And my car died in underground parking. One week later I still can't get AAA out here. I will only say one thing about AAA because I really want to talk about ice cream. AAA can &*%! my •¶§∞ing £™¢∞ with a cherry on top.

This town has a lot better ice cream than pizza
Meanwhile, we've had three warm days, the first of which unless you count 17˚ above as warm and some do was Saturday. On Saturday we saw some guy get out of his truck on Monroe Street in a tank top. It was 38˚, we were eating ice cream.

We were eating because it was Ice Cream For Breakfast Day. The Chocolate Shoppe didn't have any of that Siciliano fare mentioned here, but they did have a Breakfast Monster Shake which I got, an Ice Cream Donut Sandwich with donuts from the Greenbush Bakery, stuff made with Lucky Charms, Waffle Sundaes and juice. Yes, juice. They also stitched together The Breakfast Monster Shake, pictured below.

Hi, my name is Michayla and I can not be held responsible for anything that happens after you make this purchase
There was only one (very sweet) kid working and a line formed right after I ordered this crime against nature. My cousin tried to keep a Wisconsin theme by ordering a waffle sundae with Door County Cherry and Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream (Mackinac Island is in Michigan). It seemed to melt quickly, see the last photo.

I got looks because I chose vanilla ice cream. Welcome to Wisconsin
And then Michayla was off making 1, 2, 3 more of these sugar coma death shakes.

"Down here, down here. Hey, look, our glasses are coated in chocolate with Jimmies."
I pictured the Monster Breakfast Shakes trying to get these two off their phones. 

Nanci put away her phone and drank her brunch like a good girl (sounds like high school)
One more fun fact, I think I got sick from the romaine lettuce and spinach salad I had for dinner but I was fine with the Lucky Charms vanilla ice cream and chocolate banana Breakfast Monster Shake I had for brunch.

Without further ~burp~ ado, it's time for the photo and/or recipe Say Cheese! Link Up

Friday, February 1, 2019

Too Much Like Mr. Freeze?

I've been stuck inside since Tuesday when the Batman villain sounding Polar Vortex got the best of my car.

Meanwhile, I've learned a few things.

😜 Each and every one of those little slots in my CD storage is full of dust.
😜Most of them are empty except for the dust because I stopped listening to CDs in the 90s.
😜If you turn the ceiling fan on top speed with a floor full of packing peanuts you can reenact scenes from Twister ("You've never seen it miss this house and miss that house and come after you!").
😜No matter how bored I am I will never clean out those boxes I've been moving around for five years.
😜I have a surplus of string lights for every conceivable holiday but not one single spare light bulb.

My udders are frozen together

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Weekly Say (Frozen) Cheese! Link Up

Since almost every sentence contains the word, "cold" lately should it not be pronounced correctly? Yes, I have cabin fever, but stillll.
It's NOT, "code," it's "cold." There's an el in there people. I don't mind "ardic" or "win chills" or even "aso" as in the wind gusts are "aso" dangerous enough to just stay inside. Don't mind if I do. (Except for the part where I'm losing my mind. It's only a matter of time before I appear in an Overlook Hotel ballroom photo.)
Is there a word that people mispronounce that drives you nuts? Share it and your cheesy photos and recipes here.

From way back two Sundays ago when you could lose a shoe without losing your toes.

She kept falling and by gum, kept getting back up. Notice the lone boot to the far right

Uh oh, don't let all those Packer fans see you take a knee. Packer fans? Where are all the Packer fans?

Annnddd there she goes again. This guy is going to slap shot the boot

My sister brought this cannoli cake from Canfora Bakery in Milwaukee. Not to be confused with the Cassata which makes its appearance at Easter and seems to have a fun history that can be found here. Being a devout lapsed Catholic I like the idea of 16th century nuns baking these cakes in lieu of prayer during Holy Week. And to some of us, a good Cassata or Cannoli Cake is a very spiritual experience.

One of the most scrumptious Cannoli Cakes to grace our Christmas table

I found two Cannoli Cake recipes I like, one from Women's Day and one from My Cake School
Women's Day uses chopped shelled pistachios (classy) and orange and lemon zest (zingy).
Cake School uses buttermilk in the cake (WD uses Half and Half), a mascarpone filling, a cinnamon whipped cream frosting, and Pirouettes to decorate the outside.
And now... I'm going to hop in the car to and go to the Greenbush Bakery I mean and now... it's time for:

The Say Cheese! Link Up

You know the deal, I don't really care, but at least a post and a photo, not pointing frostbitten fingers at anyone (I am). Have at it my cheesy little goombas.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Making Tracks

There were a lot of people out today. It was sunny and 5˚F so everyone was taking advantage of the reasonable weather before things got ludicrous.
People were in the grocery stores sweeping things off shelves like it was a zombie uprising but they were also swooshing through the snow and fishing on frozen lakes.
Even the neighborhood deer were out for a stroll.

Taking advantage of the above zero weather. Good for them

Pilates is really paying off, mom

For Sandee, "Awww."

Friday, January 25, 2019

Enough To Make A White Walker Wear Base Layer Bottoms

The last thing I heard on the news before crawling out of hibernation today was something about an unprecedented string of below zero temperatures and how long it takes for you to get frostbite (we're at 5 to 10 minutes right now but those numbers will go down). So I actually put on long pants and my winter tennis shoes (navy blue) before going out.
My definition of going out: driving from underground parking to the pharmacy drive-thru, someone else's garage, taking photos from a heated car and going back home.

I saw a lot of deer today, they looked like kids hanging out at a mall. "Dude, I would kill for an Auntie Anne's pretzel, extra salt."

The sky had a dramatic look, I think it's up to something

P.S. The weather guy is talking about -30˚ below and -50˚ below zero temps and saying that none of us have experienced this in our lifetime. I plan to keep it that way.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Post Pre Winter Weather Say Cheese! Link Up

When I went out to see the sights and breathe some frigid air Sunday the mood was warm and festive. Mostly because the sun was on full beam and I hardly got out of the car.

Where's that Ready Player One dude?

Spielberg look-alike coming in hot

I got your Easter Egg right here, grandpa (everyone in my world is movie literate)

A high potential for cheese

Your post or pictures can be cheesy or breezy, farmy or smarmy, link them up here and win a *salami. Let's see those cheesy, breezy, farmy, smarmy photos or lactose tolerant recipes.
It might be some unfathomable number below zero, but there's no stopping the:


*The Ched Curtan reserves the right to replace salami with a post card or a really stupid tchotchke.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Weather Report

Traffic is moving slowly, shall we say it's snow moving?
No, we shall not.
Snow more waiting, January is here.
Please make it stop.
And snow it goes, expect 5-7 inches.
There's just snow visibility.
I hate you.

I took a detour from an Armageddon grocery store run when it started snowing

I met Becca and Kylie (hiding)

An accident on the way home. How do people forget to drive in snow every year?