Friday, February 23, 2018

Honey, Did You Leave The Hose On?

It was melting last Sunday when mum and I went on our Sunday drive. One of the craziest weeks in a crazy weather month saw rain, melt, freezing and flooding in nearby towns.
I didn't make it to my favorite little village which was saturated by the Sugar River yet and yesterday I was stopped by a cop on my way there. But I am curious to see what happens to a place once it's flooded then frozen, so maybe tomorrow taking a different route.
Meanwhile, this is a farm about seven miles out of town.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New Camera Same Cat

I don't know exactly when my cousin started letting me take care of Dexter, but according to this post, it was around July 22, 2016.

This is the earliest photo I can find of him, but there have been so many more. He doesn't like it when I take a picture of his big ol' butt.

Oh joy, another camera
I got a new tough point-and-shoot yesterday and decided to bring it with me everywhere. Yes, everywhere, which I'm sure Dex is thrilled about.

I'm not sure when he began regarding the bathroom as his den and even less sure it's a good thing.

Welcome, prey, I mean looking for your toothbrush?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Other Side of The Coin

Or is that corn, we didn't know. Hard to believe this photo was taken the same day a few miles away from the last post. I had to look for spots that weren't going through a meltdown, but what we noticed most were flags at half mast.
Lots of water everywhere here today, but nothing like one of my favorite little towns, Monticello, which flooded over.

We never really know what we're looking at, crop wise, but I find guessing "corn" usually works out

Monday, February 19, 2018

What A Way To Go (To Talk About This Photo)

My parents took my sister and me to a movie called, What A Way To Go when we were kids which apparently offended my mother because she said, "Clarence, this is not appropriate for children."
Shirley MacLaine kept marrying the likes of Dean Martin, Dick Van Dyke and Gene Kelly, all of whom I adored, and save for I think Paul Newman's character, met 60s madcap comedy deaths. I remember her husband Pinky (Gene Kelly) going nuts over the color pink and eventually being painted to death. I found it both haunting and kind of pretty, like yesterday's sunset.
And you wondered how I'd bring it around.

The entire neighborhood was painted in an eerie shade of pink yesterday

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Little Sunshine

A little sunshine can keep a lot of people very happy for a long time and this photo from across the pond—ha— reminds me how little it takes.
Dogs were walking, people were playing broomball, skaters were whisking around long ovals and my good lens went wonky. But this shot was enough to remind me of sunshine, crisp snow and red cheeks.
No, not those cheeks (but maybe).

Everybody needs a little sunshine, in your life
Sometime, to brighten up your day
Everybody needs a little sunshine, in your life
Sometimes, if it's only but a ray

From A Little Sunshine by Sunshine Anderson


One of the upsides of having a cat is that they don't seem to care about anything. Dexter has his schedule like my dog pals, but his needs are few and frolicking on a frozen beach during a snowstorm isn't one of them.
My dog buds would give their last plush toy to dive into the snow blanketing this beach.

Miss Vickers, Snow Queen

Although Oliver (front) lets me tuck him into my coat, these guys are poised to run around in the snow unless it's ridiculously cold but that's why God made labs

Dexter could give a flying flake.

As if.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Desert Snow

There were some interesting tracks next to the ice rink on Stricker's pond. I wondered where they led.

Wait, is that a pyramid?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Little Nip

I got a Turbo Scratcher refill for Dexter's Mardi Gras present which I guessed he wanted more than beads. He acted as if he's never gotten a new toy or scratcher before and even enjoyed the nip that came with it. He's normally not a nip guy so it must have been good stuff.
Doesn't he look a little too fascinated with the turbo balls?

Dude, have you ever really looked at these balls? I mean really looked at them? They're soooo cool

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Crash and Freeze

This Little Tikes Cozy Coupe reminded me of my daredevil cousin who was always building ramps and riding anything on wheels over it. I wonder how far the rider of this Cozy Coupe got without snow tires. (This far). I hope they wore boots.

I'm betting the kid in green crashed his little brother's car since the footprints lead directly to him